Another one real quick so I’m up to date with Artstation! You lucky people!

Hi there, just thought I would share some updates on my diorama. Sculpted a lot of bits, started working into the textures, and most importantly playing about with colour. I still have a lot to do such as the palm trees, more foliage, finish the building, fountain, ground… But I’m liking where the project is going! I was stuck for a while but I think I’m out of that rut.

At the moment I’m having a small crisis about what to do about the background colour and fog. If I add fog the background will be lighter, and I tend to prefer black backgrounds. But I really like the fog. So I may have so see if I can hack it or make a shader.

Almost decided on the building colours, then I can finalise the textures. I’m not super happy with the tile colours yet.

Steps area is not finished texture-wise yet, but it’s getting there.

Back area needs a lot of work still. I want to add greenery and vines to the underside, and some on the front underside too. Water looks weird from a distance too, which is annoying.

Generally lots of little things to do. I really don’t like how the water behaves at a distance but I’m not sure what I can do about that. I think the underside arches will look nice with some subtle greenery- there was ivy there for a while but it was a bit distracting.

Crappy gif to finish;

I still plan to make a water breakdown video too, but I’m too busy right now.

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