Trying to keep up

I last wrote a blog at the end of September (when I said I would write another blog soon lol), and now here I am in mid November. Finally, I’m feeling that my life is a bit more settled and I can start doing stuff outside of work rather than just sleeping. I’ve booked myself on a crocheting course for beginners where I can make adorable things, and I’m trying to hype myself up to book horse riding lessons again so I actually get some exercise. I do life drawing after work on Wednesdays and am beginning to find the time, energy, and will to do personal work too (mostly 2D but some 3D).


I wouldn’t say my work-life balance is perfect, but I’m feeling like I’m beginning to sort myself out a bit. Maybe it’s just because I’m so tired when I come home that I am forced to relax and physically cannot stress over stupid stuff. Not to mention that every weekend since I’ve moved down south has been busy with one thing or another such as family visits or visits around the area. It’s nice to feel busy and like I’m living my life.


Considering my how busy and/or sleepy I’ve felt outside work, I’ve been quite happy with how much art I’ve had time to do, and I feel that I’ve been making a bit of progress. I probably have too much to share here at once, and I’ve not been super active on social media, but you can see some updates Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll endeavour to post more in the future; one of my goals is to not get too behind on my social media presence/blogging so I can keep trying to build up a following online (‘what following?’ I hear you say. Yeah. I’m trying).

So my plan for the immediate future is mostly to keep doing what I’m doing on the work-life balance side of things. It means I don’t get as much work done as I have in the past, but I’m mostly content. I would, however, like to get a bit more drawing/painting on location done- something which is difficult with the onset of winter- and some more 3D work. I’m very conscious of potentially falling behind with the most up-to-date technologies which you by default learn about at uni but can easily lose sight of in industry. I’ve just started a personal hand-painted asset project but my next 3D project I’d like to be a more UE4 based environment/diorama project like I’ve done before. It looks like there have been some exciting updates to UE4 since I last used it in May.

I find blogging is nice for recording my intentions, thoughts and feelings, so though I don’t have the time to blog like I used to, I’ll try to make semi-regular posts where I can. Right now I can’t think of what my next post would be, but perhaps I’ll start making more topical posts than just ‘this is what my life is like right now’. I’d like to create more informative and interesting posts.

In the mean time, I’ve just got to try and keep up with what’s important and not let myself get lost in a 9-5 work life.


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