Deadline day, FMP time!

It’s been a while since I posted anything in my weekly blog, because honestly I’ve been too busy/tired. As part of my university projects, I have had to write a big blog post and a Word document every 3 weeks, and it’s just kind of put me off casually blogging for a while. I was just repeating stuff I’d already said in those documents. Today, though, it’s deadline day. I’m handing in the 3 projects I’ve created over the last 10 weeks and I’ve written all my ‘formal’ blogs (you can see them under the ‘submissions’ drop down at the top of the page if you want). There, you can check out my in-depth creative process and how badly I suck at time-management.

Now I’m going to try and enjoy blogging again! Yaaaaay!

Gosh, where do I start? Ok, so… in the last casual blog post I made, I mentioned briefly that I was finally getting somewhere with my FMP idea. Since then, I’ve discussed ideas with various people, and decided the best course of action would be to base my FMP on an existing IP- namely, a book series. This would save me buckets of time on the world-building/imagineering front which I tend to get a little too embroiled in. The idea of basing an FMP on my own world became less and less exciting to me as I began to consider this as a real possibility.

A series of books that I am deeply passionate about repeatedly popped into my head as pretty much the only IP I’d be willing to work from. I took the plunge and decided to email the amazing Robin Hobb whose Fitz/Fool books I have cried and laughed with for years now. She writes fantasy under a couple of aliases, but Hobb is where it’s at! I must have picked up Assassin’s Apprentice about 6, 7 years ago now? It took a couple of chapters for me to get into it, but after that… well. She’s onto her 8th book now, and I’ve read them 3 times. I have all sorts of editions, from super old ex-library copies I picked up on Amazon, to brand-new shiny hardbacks. I’m soon to be the proud owner of the 20th anniversary edition of Assassin’s Apprentice. Seriously, read her books!

And guess what, lovely reader? She said yes!

Cue over-excited meltdown.

I’m completely in love with the worlds and characters she has created, and have toyed with the idea of creating some casual fan-art illustrationy things for a while. What better than to create such work for university as my final project? And get marked on it! I derive so much satisfaction from creating small, concentrated dioramas in 3D that I think it would be the perfect project for me. Throw in some illustration and concept work and I could just about explode from excitement. There are so many places in the books to choose from, and I can’t wait to start narrowing it down.

WoW Diorama (1)

WoW stylised diorama from my most recent project.

Style-wise, I can imagine them been semi-stylised. Not to the point of my WoW diorama, but perhaps a halfway point between that and my market diorama from Summer. Who knows, though. I’m in the process of creating a moodboard at the moment to work out what appeals to me most, and I think I’ll end up creating a couple of really tiny style tests too.

So yeah, I guess that’s my awesome news for 2015. Next Monday I have to present my idea to the tutors, and they’ll give me more advice on the direction of the project so I can start really thinking about it over the Christmas holidays. So this weekend is going to involve writing a presentation, and rooting through Wikipedia pages and the Hobb books I brought to university with me to find all the potential places I could create in 3D. A big part of me wishes I had more time, to create characters and eventually entire vistas too!

Calm down, lady.

Next week I’ll probably have an FMP update and maaaaybe, just maybe, some personal work. Geez, what even IS personal work?! I’m hoping over the 2 weeks that I’m away for Christmas I’ll have chance to do some traditional art since I’ll be PC-less. That’ll be refreshing. Anyway. I have a life to get on with… apparently it’s Christmas in two weeks and I’m attending the midnight release of that Star Wars movie next week? Hm. Until next time!

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