Iiiiiiiiiit’s shamanic journey time!

I shared a post on Wednesday briefly outlining how I was doing on my current project and how I was feeling. Honestly, I’m feeling a little more stressed than I was on Wednesday, and because I’m at home again this weekend I won’t really be able to act on it as much as I’d like. More about that later though. First, I’ll just recap how my project is going and what’s next.

On Wednesday I showed my concept for the current environment diorama project I’m working on based on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft;

I’m really happy with how quickly and easily I managed to create that concept, and I think if I pull it off it’ll be really nice. As you may be able to see, I wanted to create something more interesting than just a disc with trees and stuff on. So immediately I jumped onto the idea of a more vertical scene, perhaps incorporating a stream and bridges crossing it.

1- Early Scribbles

I chose an idea from my initial doodles ridiculously quickly. This isn’t a concepting project, so I chose something fast- pretty much the first idea that I became attached to. I jumped straight into 3D with that idea, blocking out variations where I moved bits around, changed the terrain, etc. I mostly came back to my original idea though. Took some ideas into Photoshop too;

3- 3D Overpaints

Generic ‘I chose colours and stuff’ explanation;

4- Colour, Mood

5- Colour, Mood Development

Choosing colour palettes, architecture style etc. was a quickish process because I was working with an existing franchise and all its signature colours and the likes. Once I had narrowed down what region of WoW I was working with (Teldrassil if you know it. I don’t WoW much.) it was quite simple to decide on colours, motifs, and designs on the go.

So then I had my final concept AND a blockout by Wednesday afternoon that I could model around. Sounds great, right?


Oh, no.

Stuff always goes badly, right?

Yeah. Right.

It occurred to me that I have no idea what I’m doing! Yeah! Awesome. First I tried modelling the staircase, like the whole thing, and then unwrapped it to texture later. But then I realised I could re-cycle the textures if I made something like this first;

trim sheet texture - Google Search:

…and then model afterwards. But, I’d spent a good chunk of time on that model. I don’t want to abandon it. So I tried to edit and change the model to suit my new workflow, which was time consuming and rage-inducing. Me, raging? Who knew. The model is now horribly bastardised, and so I was like fuuuuck this, and I’ve turned my attention to just making some reusable textures in a format like the one above. I’ve tried to plan what I’ll need, for instance, archway trim 1, archway trim 2, balustrade, and so on. I can use these for their original purposes but then also use them elsewhere around the scene too to create rhythm. Thing is I can do all the texture planning in the world but I’ll still forget something and realise later. That’s the main frustration and point of stress I’m dealing with at the moment; I know I’ll have missed something.Ā 

Texturing is by far the most time consuming part of creating assets for me, so hopefully if I get the worst of it done now, and make the unique bits after, I’ll have finished most of the texturing way before the deadline. I’m finding it hard to fully hand-paint WoW-esque textures (I’m shying away from Zbrush for now, no time to learn on the fly), but hopefully I’ll get faster and faster. Speaking of Zbrush hate, Mike Kelly did give me some awesome advice on Zbrush that I may have a go at. It basically eliminates all the bits I hate about it such as making the texture tiling in Zbrush and such.

He also suggested quickly sketching my stone designs etc, creating a rough version of my texture, and then texturing my models with that so I know if my textures are too noisy (what I’ve done so far is waaaay too noisy) before I go crazy with rendering in Photoshop. Then the bit I hate (unwrapping and trying to make a start on texturing) is done early. Man, all of this is so confusing.

So overall I’m feeling a little nervous, especially with FMP things looming on the horizon and no time to deal with ANYTHING. During my time at home visiting mum this weekend, mum is having a ‘songstress’ over to sing songs, tell stories and perform some sort of shamanic ceremony thing round a fire (just checked her site, she’s a ‘sacred fire keeper’ apparently), and then on the Sunday I’m being taken to a shamanic drumming… club… thing? I don’t know. It wasn’t my idea. Mum says I should try to find my FMP idea through a shamanic journey.

I’m going to try it.

I’m desperate, man.

Will report back.

…maybe I should just base my FMP on some sort of crazy shamanism thing? A potential idea! It might not sound like it but I do have an interest in spirituality (just not as much as my mum- I haven’t gone crazy yet). LOVE YOU MUM IF YOU READ THIS (she doesn’t).

Pff, whatever. I give up.

Seriously, I have no time to do anything. I want to create badass projects but don’t have time to learn how to make badass stuff and I can’t plan my FMP because the week when I’d like to (week 10) is going to be occupied trying to bring all my projects so far up the the badass standard I wanted in the first place (not gunna happen) and then I’ll have nothing to show or talk about at my FMP proposal and I’ll cry.

Cool, bye.

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