Just wanted to make a teeny tiny update to show any followers, and also to get out of my head, where I’m at right now with all my work.

On the official submission dropdown of my blog you can go and check out my submission for the Epic City project I did 3 weeks of work on. That project is yet to be completed, and I’ll be spending some time finishing it during during week 10 of university- a week we’ve been allocated for bringing projects up to scratch. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed really, because I still need to do some work on my Shop Front project, and there may potentially be work to do on my current project after deadlines… and then there’s FMP stuff… Talk about that later…

I’m currently working on a new 3 week project; ‘Blizzard environment diorama’, which is using the Blizzard environment art student competition brief, based on creating a World of Warcraft style diorama with trees, rocks, a structure, grass and so on. I’ve been working hard to get the concept done as fast as possible so I can work on making the 3D model for as long as possible. It’s done!

7- Concept

I’ve never properly played WoW, but I’ve tried to base it on the elven settlements in Teldrassil, with a particular focus on the colours. The architecture isn’t hugely elven, but I’ve tried to include some of the decorative designs to slightly maintain that style. When I played WoW a while ago, at the great behest of my WoW-ex-fanatic boyfriend, I played as a night elf and started in Teldrassil. The colours of this area in the game, particularly the trees, made it really stand out to me.

Because this project isn’t actually a concept project, I’m going to do some of the designing on the fly. I’ll play about with colours, architecture, assets in the scene, etc. as I go. That’s why my concept is kind of vague and not coloured except for the thumbnail in the corner. I’m interested to see how this process will work out for me, as sometimes vague concepts really backfire. This concept was actually developed in 3D before I took it into Photoshop for a paintover, so I feel like I have a good feel for the forms I’m dealing with, and how everything sits together in the scene. I’m not going to jump into modelling and get lost because I realise that in actual 3D space a certain asset doesn’t fit in the place that it did in my 2D concept- I’ve already dealt with that bit.

I’ll be getting on with modelling tomorrow!

On the final major project side of things, not much news. Except that I still have NOOOOO IDEA WHAT I’M GOING TO DOOOOO, and PROJECT PROPOSALS ARE IN 4 WEEKS.

Lol. Help.

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