Man, I love painting. I’m enjoying this project so much. I’m starting to feel that concept art might be the way to go in the future. I feel much less stressed and overwhelmed with this one than the Shop Front project. Even if I end up behind schedule, I don’t feel worried because I enjoy the work enough to do overtime and feel tired out. I’m producing roughly 1-2 paintings a day, and a 3D blockout takes about half a day. So I’m going goooood. It’s fun. Thanks for asking.

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I like taking photos for mum’s website.

I came back from visiting home on Monday night after helping mum for pretty much the whole weekend make promo stuff for her business (it’s the only reason she loves me), and I was raring to get on with work. I’d factored the weekend out of my schedule, and so didn’t feel worried when it came to starting uni again. I began the week feeling very well and happy. 🙂

I showed you my schedule last week, and I’m pretty much on top of it so far. Perhaps a little behind, but like I say I’m feeling fine. Daaaaamn fiiiiine. I’ve spent a hefty amount of time making blockouts, which has eaten into my painting time. Now they’re done, they’re done, and I can use those for my street views too and catch up on painting I’ve missed out on. Making those blockouts was oh-so worth it though… I can’t imagine how much time they’ve saved me on the painting side of things.

I’m very pleased with how my paintings are going. It’s almost like every painting I do for this project I’m making a jump in my learning! I’ve been using a few techniques I learned at Industry Workshops in summer, and it’s been really really useful. In particular, techniques that Tom Scholes uses, which really helped me get some nice colour and texture variation that I’d always gotten so frustrated with in the past. Here’s what I’ve done this week;

University City;

University City 3 University City 2

Military City;

Military City 3 Military City 2

Magical City;

Magical City 1

I’ve got a WIP piece on the go for the magical city, and then I need to make the agricultural city 3D blockout and 2 paintings for that too. I’m hoping to have to blockout done by the end of today, and the two paintings done tomorrow. My main aim for these paintings has been to keep a consistent style while using different lighting schemes, colour palettes and camera angles to create pretty cities that are really distinctive from eachother. I found that I was starting to rely a little heavily on evening lighting to create atmosphere, so for the magical city pieces I’ve tried to mix it up with a night and morning lighting scene.

I’ve had two lots of feedback this week. On Monday, I ran through my work with Stas before I’d started my final pieces. He suggested making the cities more obviously from the same world, such as through putting travellers from other cities in my street scene paintings. I thought that was a really cool idea, so I’m definitely going to do that next week when I’ve finalised the inhabitants of my cities. He also wanted to ensure I made the cities sit nicely together by keeping the style coherent between all of the paintings, instead of starting with one style and then realising I preferred a different technique halfway through. It would make sense to create some style tests before painting to do this, we both agreed. I made a start on this, however I found that I already had an idea of the style I wanted to go for. I actually found it more inhibiting because I started to force myself to create a range of styles I wasn’t comfortable working in yet. I feel that at my stage in learning to paint, it’s pretty inevitable that the style and techniques I use will develop over the course of so many paintings.

Instead of forgetting Stas’ advice though, I’ve decided that I’m going to make sure I go back through all my paintings at the end and bring them all up to a similar style and standard. As you may have noticed already, some of my paintings differ quite a lot from others. I spoke with Mike Kelly about this today, and we looked through the art of Tom Scholes to see what I could do to develop my work and bring it all up to a better standard. There are a few points I’m going to act on asap.

Further advice from Mike included;

  • Add focal point to university city.
  • Make gate more interesting for university city- still needs to stand out in different lighting scenarios (overpaint?).
  • Add a sense of scale to university city gate image.
  • Loosely overpaint military city pieces with shapes cut from existing image to get more repetition/rhythm. Finalise.
  • Play about with levels and texture noise.

But yeah, ultimately I’m feeling very busy but also happy during this project. I’d say it’s the most enjoyment I’ve had from a project in a while. I don’t think at any point ‘oh noooo I have to unwrap/texture/bake/model so-and-so tomorrowwwww’. I’m all AWWWW YEAH IT’S PAINTING TIME AGAIN, LET’S MAKE PRETTY STUFF.

…except for yesterday, but that was a grumpy day. We don’t talk about yesterday.


Mum was asking me to do more promo stuff. Dammit mum, you don’t know me! I’m angsty and dark and brooding. YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.

I’m excited to put all my paintings together at the end of next week and see how they all look! I really hope my positivity on this project doesn’t fade away any time soon. I’m super happy.

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