Hur durrr I’ve been so busy this weeeeeek. So here’s a quick update about how my project went and what’s next! If you’re interested in all the technical mish mashery, go here. Go!

First, you may have noticed I changed my blog again. It’s mostly so I can keep my third year official submission blog things separate from my ramblings, and the tutors can find them easily/you casual readers can avoid it. YOU’RE WELCOME.


I FINISHED MY SHOOOOOP! (Sketchfab-ulousnes)

13 cropped-41.jpg cropped-6.jpg

Pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m not going to go into obscene amounts of retrospective evaluation rubbish because that would be the third evaluation I’ve written about this (hand-in blog and then a Word document too). Instead, have an overpaint I did to show some of the things I’d alter if I had some time;


Learned a lot for this project, in particular points about creating interesting forms and colour proportions. Thanks to regular feedback twice a week on this project I managed to target areas of weakness on my model or design before it was too late, and any mistakes that managed to escape that net have been noted so it doesn’t happen again (there were quite a few I want to target). A big thing I learned during this project is just how flexible you can be with making changes to a model throughout the pipeline. A big part of me has always felt tied down to my final concept as soon as I closed the Photoshop file, but for this project I have been encouraged to constantly overpaint my model, even in the depths of texturing, and make improvements here… change a colour there etc. I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable doing it for this project, as I felt a little guilty. But for future projects I am very ready and open to making constant edits and overpaints, and keeping a record of them to show the development of my work for hand-in.

For my next project I am going to be doing the Partially Stylised Epic City Project. This is a pure concept art project, and my main reasons for choosing this are to establish whether I would enjoy doing just concept art for a large amount of time (in case I choose to for my FMP), and also to work out a realistic, productive concept art workflow for future reference. This is an extreeeeemely intense project, because I have to produce;

  • Quick concept ideas for multiple potential cities.
  • Choose 4 cities that are geographically distinct, all in the same era, with more developed design ideas.
  • A number of sketchy shots for each city, eg. birds eye view, gate view, street view, tower view, etc. to quickly convey design/mood.
  • Tidier street scene sketches with hero buildings/props/life in the city.
  • A few typical inhabitants of each city.

So… no definite ideas for cities or anything like that yet, but I’ll be starting a Pinterest board very soon to start quickly throwing together some visual inspiration before I start really actively concepting ideas. Assuming I create 3-4 sketchy views of the cities, 4 tidier street scenes/hero building sketches, and perhaps some drawings of inhabitants on top of that, not to mention the original iterations and concepts to decide on my 4 final cities…. I could be extremely under pressure for the next 3 weeks! Not that this little guy cares;

‘Quit yo’ whining and hold me, lady.’

I’m not much of a concept artist/illustrator so my final outcomes for this project could be totally hilarious. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll all work out just fine in the end. Lol I haven’t painted for weeks hahahah I’m doomed. I stress a lot about my work, but deep down a part of me knows that I’m mostly competent enough to pull through with a good outcome in the end (with a few exceptions, this project potentially being one). I’m so screwed. I’m going away next weekend for a day or two so hopefully that little break will stop me getting too wound up. Send help. Besides, I should reclaim my weekends.

I guess I’ll post next weekend with how it’s going. Thanks for reading!

Please help me.

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