Project 1, week 2.

I seriously can’t believe it’s Friday already! My shop project is going relatively well, although I’m definitely feeling the pressure with this project like I haven’t really before. The weekend that I had away has taken its toll on my progress, and every hour is currently counting to where my project will end up by the end of the 3 weeks. It’s going to be 9am-7pm days until Friday I think.


I forgot to mention my time planning properly last week, so here is my plan, and how well I’ve been sticking to it;

-Week 1 Mon-Thursday; quick concepts, colour roughs etc., decide on final idea.

General concepting went fine but I abandoned the small amount of work I did on the first day, slowing me down. My final concept idea was not complete until Friday morning, and the concept was still undergoing changes throughout production of the model, particularly on Monday, which set me behind schedule.

-Away Friday-Sunday.

Took a laptop away with me, and made a small amount of time to begin modelling solid aspects of my concept ahead of schedule.

-Week 2-3; Model/Texture/Engine.

On the Monday of week 2 I made some large changes to my design at the suggestion of Mike P and Stas. Was set back a few hours but managed to start modelling again by the afternoon. Continued to model throughout the week, unwrapping and adding to engine as I went. Also started texturing. By Friday I was behind schedule with modelling/texturing for reasons explained below, and so I created a much more rigid time schedule asset by asset. This showed to me that I was about two days behind my ideal plan because I wouldn’t have time to create some of my assets;


-Final 2 days; Polish/Documentation.

As it stands I feel that I will have to use this time to add to my model, on top of documentation. I may lose out on polish time.
So this week I have gone from nothing to this;


The only bits that are finished are the canopy, weapon rack and weapons (which I literally did today), and the tiled ground. So I still have a whole load to do, hence the 9-7 days. Maybe I’ll have to work more. The reason the building itself is not textured yet is because I’m finding it really hard to hand paint a building. Weapons and small assets I can do, but I’m finding it really hard to get my head around painting such a large asset and making it look how I concepted it. I agonised over it for a day and got pretty much nothing done, so I’m going to come back to it next week when I’m in the flow of texture painting.

That’s the main reason I’m behind schedule really. It’s also partially down to the fact that I have set myself a lot to do; the project brief was just to model a shopfront. Not the interior or loads of assets to make up the setting. I’ve gone a bit overboard by making an open shop so you can see the interior, and making a side part of the shop under a canopy so I have more space to cover. But I’m willing to push for it.

There are parts of my concept that I am also willing to drop should I be running out of time, such as the potted tree. I’ve ranked them on a priority scale in case things get too tight, and already accepted that there are certain things I’ll be dropping regardless such as the grind stone.

Now I’m going to talk about the feedback I’ve received over the week. On both Monday and Friday I get feedback from tutors briefly. It’s great and my design, as you may have noticed, has changed since I posted last week as a result.

9- Feedback and Progress 09-10-15

When I came into uni on Monday I was feeling a little unhappy with my design. I’d stared at it for too long and wasn’t feeling it. I’d purposely started modelling parts that wouldn’t necessarily change much if I altered the design a little. So I wasn’t particularly surprised or saddened when Mike and Stas suggested some changes. They liked the Japanese references in my Pinterest board.

temple roof - Google Search:

I love the way that only one material/colour has been used on the roof, but it still has a really varied and beautiful appearance.

I was a little reluctant to go full stereotypical Japanese building style, but agreed that I needed more interesting shapes and silhouettes in my design that would flow nicely together and create more shadows and surface interest. So I made some changes;


The week went on and I carried on with modelling. As I moved on to texturing I started to realise that my simple approach to the stone surfaces in the concept wasn’t going to work in 3D. So I’ve started to alter the concept on the fly with paint overs or painting roughly into my texture to test ideas.


Trying texture ideas without committing.

I felt a little guilty changing my concept so much when I was well into 3D, but I had my feedback with Mike K today and he actually encouraged this. Painting over 3D is how it goes in the industry, with art directors taking a look at models or parts of a world, and over painting it to make suggestions for the artists to change. So I’ll be continuing to do this for future projects. I mentioned about this last week as well, and it’s good to get yet more assurance that it’s ok to be flexible throughout the pipeline.

Further advice Mike gave me was to make some changes to colours to improve continuity throughout the piece, and also to draw more attention to the sign thingy above the door. Here’s a paint over to illustrate what he was saying;


Think I might lose some of the blue in the stone too. It feels like a little too much.

So that’s that, and this next week is going to be hard hard work! I’ll be working on painting my textures, modelling assets, and acting on feedback. Hope I actually get a decent amount done and I’m pleased with the project at the end of next week.

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