Last Pre-Uni Update

It’s Monday, and I’m at uni waiting for things to happen! So I thought I’d start a new blog update just showing what I’ve been doing before I was felled by a miserable case of the flu a few days ago.

Nothing exciting unfortunately…

I can’t really remember what order I’ve done everything in. I’ve been very here, there, everywhere… taking a lot of breaks, playing The Witcher 3 (first game I’ve enjoyed in yonks!), being ill… So, first thing’s first.



I did some work from life, which has made me realise I NEED TO PRACTISE BADLY. I started maybe two still life pieces before I made this cactus one which I was remotely happy with. Unfortunately the cactus died yesterday *sob*, so I guess he wasn’t too pleased. I am very sad. My self portrait mirror piece? I don’t want to talk about it. But it’s good for me to get all my bad work on the table as well as my good.

After I’d done some traditional, old fashioned painting practise from life, I was a bit unsure what to do next. I wanted to make something quick and 3D like my gif thingy last week, but was running really rather dry on inspiration. So to tie myself over for a bit, I decided to take my favourite books ever ever ever and just make some quick B&W thumbs based around them. It was nice to just think about locations in the books world and quickly scribble some ideas rather than having to consider colour palette and all the other baggage that comes with concepting things.

Robin Hobb concepting

I then took one of those further when I still didn’t know what to do with myself;

witness Stones

I played about with some techniques from Tom Scholes’ lecture again, but mostly stuck to painting. I was thinking this could work for a gif again, but maybe it’s something to come back to another time if I’m bored or sad. I wasn’t feeling another gif at the time, so I moved on to new territory and took a brief from last year’s third year briefs; stylised shop front. I made a concept real quick and cracked on with 3D;

Concepting 2


Aaaaaand then I was ill, right after I’d made a UE4 water shader and unwrapped everything ready for texturing. Yaaaay! Aaaaaaand now it turns out that there is the same brief for this year. YAAAY! So I’ll be keeping this to a spare time hand painting texturey fun project when I’m wanting a break most probably.

For now, the outlook for the next 10 weeks of uni is 3 consecutive 3 week projects and then a week for me to polish and evaluate these projects afterwards. There is a selection of projects to choose from (including the shop one) and I’ll go from there. I’ll let you know what I’m doing when I blog at the weekend from Cardiff, where I’m going as moral support for my mum while she does a course.

It’s going to be a tough first week, that’s for sure. I won’t be getting much done at the weekend. A blog is the least I can do. Still, though. I’ve done a lot of quick work over the summer and I’m confident that I can work hard and fast to achieve a good first project.

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