This is the end.



I’m writing this post and then packing my computer and having pizza and OH MY GOD I MOVE TO LEICESTER TOMORROW. I’m excited. But also nervous. 3rd year of uni is almost upon me. OH GOD.

I’m going to die.

This is it.

This is the end.

So, before I inconvenience my family with my death, I’ve been working on my mum’s website (which is still incomplete but go look at it, she gets so excited when she gets views), leaflets and business cards. It’s for this therapist thing she’s got going. I’m going to be a graphic designer when I grow up! And a photographer. And an interior designer. Oh, and a game artist. I guess.


Yeah, you know it. You want stuff as funky as this. Hopefully it’ll be easier on the eye when it’s printed/folded properly.

Man, I had so much fun arranging the room and holding my breath for inconceivable amounts of time while the camera shutter fretted about the low lighting. The softness on the photo of the stones? Unintentional. My hands were shaky. Seriously though, it was nice. I definitely bonded with my mum over it. I like doing nice things for her.

Apart from that… I’ve been in France. That was also nice. More camera fun;


Chateau de Chambord. The most beautiful building I’ve ever seen.

And I did a painting at another Chateau.


Pff photo quality.

I went kayaking and in true British style got hilariously sunburnt!


And ate Toblerone.

I doodled a bit, and I’m starting to find that I have more confidence to sketch imaginatively, on the train or what have you.

11885723_10204912165549954_2211581363367777441_o 11950272_10204889843431915_3860469772779382168_o

I briefly gained confidence in my painting skills, and then screwed it all up again with some dismal attempts a few days later.


So I made myself feel better by buying matching stuff for my bedroom. I’m such a girl.


Long story very short; I’ve been busy, and not just doing art for a change. Which will change, again, as I settle back into university. I’m extremely apprehensive about this year. It’s all I can really say until the ball starts rolling and I see what the year has to offer. I’m still clueless on my FMP, and I’m terrified. Doubtless I’ll start posting regularly again, because I’ll be back into a stressy arty routine and I’ll want to assimilate my week every Friday when I should be boozing. So, here I go.

This is the end! 3rd year, here I come.

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2 thoughts on “This is the end.

  1. …and breathe …and relax

    Third year will be fine, you’re going to have lots of powell time to help guide you through the final year minefield. I am trying to rejig my schedule to spend much more time with year three, especially in the early weeks back to help folk adjust.

    Lots and lots of lovely small group seminars, discussions and so on where lovely uncle michael will take all your troubles away

    ok, I’m probably over doing it a bit now, but you get the point. you (all) will not be alone on this final journey.

    Also, try not to mention death in the blog,it makes the Uni very very nervous 😉


    • Anya Elvidge says:


      Well, I’m sure we’ll all appreciate having your support more, and that of the tutors in general.

      Looking forward to lots of seminars and tutor time also.

      I’ll be fine when I decide on an FMP idea.

      I will not mention death again. Sorry boss.


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