Time Flies

Well, damn. It’s been a month since I last posted. How embarrassing.

But it was my birthday yesterday! It was nice. 🙂 Did lots of reading in the sun, cut down a tree with my brother and Jonah (for mum, not because I like abusing trees), ate too much food as usual, and generally chilled all day. I’ve been very spoiled with lovely things, and I’m going out for a meal again tonight for more copious amounts of food and MORE PRESENTS. I love presents!

I can tell I’m getting old because my favourite gifts have been a blanket and a teapot… Talk about old before your time.

Girly blanket love.

I’ve been so lazy over the last month, but I think I’m just taking a break before the madness of FMP in September, which I’ve been stressing over horribly. However, I have a Pinterest board on the go, and a pretty solid and exciting idea thanks to Jonah’s help. I’ve just got to get it by the tutors when the academic year comes round, and practice my art to get good enough to pull it off. If I’m allowed to do it, which I don’t see why not, it’ll suit me perfectly… and hopefully aid me in deciding what discipline I want to get a job in, without it being too dilute a project that could hinder my employment prospects.

I’ve been doing a bit of painting here and there;

But most of my work time has been going into my diorama, which is coming on nicely. I feel confident that this project will be complete before the end of the summer, with hopefully some time to spare to paint and really knuckle down my FMP idea. I really need to get my painting skills in gear, particularly painting over rough 3D renders and getting a good consistent style and quality.

Anyway, my diorama;


Obviously I could spend forever populating this thing with tiny details and assets (like I have been), but the big, main chunks of work that still need doing are coming down to a manageable list. That is; right hand shop sculpt/bake, window wall sculpt/bake, window, cushions sculpt/bake, railing texture, pillar texture, fix corner umbrella crap texture.

Then some bird cages, candles, tapestries, little things like sacks, jars, hanging seed bowls in shops… very quick things like that. I’ve decided I’m not going to take close-ups of inside the right-hand shop. So that’s just a case of fleshing out what you can see from my render angles. I may also take the time to add some birds and colourful ivy, flowers, pipes etc coming out of the base/cracked walls. Most of the broken stone looks pretty rubbish, but I think some greenery will work nicely.

I just need to not get overly carried away. I want some time to just paint and prepare for third year, and unfortunately my summer is pretty packed from here on out. Wish me luck!

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