Stuff, and Stuff.

Since my life is incredibly boring, and I do nothing with it, I have made considerable progress with my personal project!

Material _105_Base_Color

As you may have noticed, I’m making considerable effort at avoiding anything Zbrush based. All the assets etc. I’ve made this week are hand-painted, and a mixture of photo and painting. I’ve done a lot of unwrapping things or creating assets and then stopping as soon as I’ve reached a Zbrushy stage. Unfortunately my trial of Substance Painter (SP) has also expired, so I will have to re-acquire that before I can make tracks on several of my currently unwrapped assets, such as the balcony railings.

I’ve also made a start on the stripey canopy thing in the corner, but again I can’t really add the wear and tear I want without having SP so I can paint directly on the mesh. The long rug falling off the edge of the platform is alsoooo unfinished, with a Zbrush sculpt in progress in a ditch attempt to improve it. Otherwise it’ll be back to the drawing board.

The plants and window are unfinished too.


My favourite bit right now is literally a corner. I think it’s because I like my wood. As you can see, though, those plants are a bit too over stylised for the style of the rest of the scene. I rushed them.

Material _105_Base_Color

I’ll get stuff done eventually *sob*. As soon as I have SP again I’ll be able to get the balcony and railings finished, amongst other things, and then I should probably paint the texture for the platform my diorama is on. Then I’ll sculpt my walls. I suppose.

Oh my GOD will it ever END.

Yes, it will! I feel like once I’ve sculpted and textures all those building walls I’ll be over the big hurdle that’s making this project feel so long. After that it’ll just be populating the scene with assets and yummy details, my favourite bit!!

Things may slow down next week when I start moving back to Beverley, but that’s not until Wednesday and I’m so fucking excited to GO HOME that I’ve pretty much packed everything already in my over-excitement.

This time next week I’ll be hooooooooome, yay.

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2 thoughts on “Stuff, and Stuff.

  1. Greg Long says:

    It looks pretty cool ☺ Worth all that effort ☺


  2. Emma Ash says:

    The diorama is coming along.
    The wood is currently all the same wood shade, try adding some coloured variation between planks. Also on the planks it self to create wear and tear.
    Do a paint over at this stage to help you work out where you can improve and push this further.
    Thanks Emma


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