More Diorama, a Year of Drama, and Lots of Dallying!

I’ve been having fun with my personal project this week. I’ve been playing around with the buildings in my diorama, spending a lot of time creating little details that can be baked into bump maps for both tilable and unique textures later on. A fair bit of time has also been going into trying to tesselate my models in such a way that they will be sculptable in Zbrush, when I finally get to that stage.

Today, after a bit of modelling decorative trims and stuff, I also made some grass! I was getting a tiiiny bit bored of hard surface stuff;

grass_alpha grass_normal

The grass was a pretty quick job because I used the high poly models from some grass I made a while back for an old project. Instead of baking out loads of different maps and combining them in Photoshop, however, I hand painted the grass blades and roughed up the baked alphas by hand too. Strange how much my techniques have changed since last year. The grass I made even for Off The Map I really don’t like now.


I still have quite a lot of detailing in 3dsMax to do before I feel comfortable moving into Zbrush for some sculpting, but I’ve done the majority of it already. I think one of the big time sinks at this stage of my project is going to be trying to make the bits I want to sculpt, sculptable, by tessellating them properly. It caused a real headache with the floor tiles, and though I have a better understanding of it now, I think doing it with regular shapes like tiles is probably a walk in the park compared to some of the shapes I’ve still to do. I’m braced for it though… nothing sucks more than thinking something will be simple, and then it taking a million years.

I need to redye my hair, yikes.

Last week I attended the DMU Course Rep awards with Jonah, Hannah McMillan and Rachel Cox from uni, to celebrate Jonah and Hannah winning an award. A much deserved award! It’s called the Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Student Award, for which you have to be nominated by tutors. It’s because they’ve both done so much work to aid the course, tutors, and students alike, and it was really cool to watch the action from the sidelines. It’s been a dramatic year!

I also drank too much wine, embarassed myself, and enjoyed many mini quiches. I recieved a bronze course rep certificate myself, and next year I’d like to run for course rep again and try to do more. All I really did this year was sit in SSCC (staff student consultative committee?) meetings and do nothing, so it’s pretty easy to beat.

Well done Hannah and Jonahhhh.

This week should be pretty productive. Jonah’s gone away and I’ve stolen his flat for a few days. The view out the window is insanely distracting, and the kitchen is literally feet away, what could possibly go wrong?



I’m serious, I’m going to be working hard!

Have a nice week. 🙂

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  1. yes! That’s my girls! And Jonah. 😀

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