More Doing.

Hello Reader! You may have noticed my blog format is different! I hope it isn’t too sore on the eye. I like some aspects and dislike others, however I’m limited to certain design aspects without a premium account. Let me know what you think of it so I can act on some feedback.

I came back from visiting home a few days ago, and have since been doing various little life tasks, being social, and spending time with Jonah before he goes to visit home and I’m left to fend for myself for a week. Home was lovely, but I admit I feel a little guilty for the lack of art I did. A bit of sketching, but it’s next to nothing. Since OTM I have been lazyyyyy.


Last year I spent a lot of time outside doing pen drawings of Leicester. I’m hoping to do some of that again, but with pencil. The realisation that I really really can’t draw with pencil made me sad, so it’s time to improve! 🙂 And maybe get a less grainy sketchbook to make it easier for myself. I’ll see what I can do around my diorama.

While I was home, I also bit the bullet and bought myself an iPad Air! I’d been considering a tablet for a while, and I decided to go Apple when they unexpectedly replaced my breaking iPhone for free. Initially I was going to go all Android. I figured I had better stick with what I know, and the free iPhone made me hate Apple less.


I also bought Procreate and a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 1. This was sort of an on the spot decision- I didn’t buy an iPad to draw on… the technology is still a bit too dodgy for a seamless painting experience. However, I’d still highly recommend one. The stylus is currently £20 on Amazon due to a recent updated version (which has worse reviews), and it is pressure sensitive with Procreate. And Procreate itself… it’s amazing. I love it. It’s so satisfying to work on, though obviously it would never replace my beloved Photoshop and Intuos Pro.

So now I should be able to use my iPad to replace my 5 year old laptop that I traveled with. It has Microsoft Office, Procreate for if I fancy a doodle/digital plein air, I can tether to my phone for internet, and finally I don’t have to carry around a calendar to keep my dates in check. I’m serious, I liked carrying a full sized calendar in my bag, and I still defend my decision! Nothing beats it. Except maybe an iPad.

One of the main reasons I made the decision to buy a tablet was for a portable, light way to showcase my work on the go. I currently run my portfolio on Behance, and it means that I can download an app on my tablet which syncs my portfolio, and then I can show it to people without internet to load the images. Though Behance is an ugly format for my work to be shown on the web, and I will doubtlessly invest in a proper portfolio next year, it actually looks really nice on the iPad app.


Unfortunately any videos and Sketchfab links do not load without internet.

It’s time for me to relax back into a routine and spend my last month in Leicester doing some proper work again. My work ethic has gone down the drain, and guilt is snapping at my heels every step of the way. Now I’m going to make myself feel better again by painting, and working on my diorama. I did a lot of thinking about it on my train back to Leicester;


Less thinking, more doing!

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