Drowninggggggg Halppppppp

Title speaks for how I’m feeling right now. I’m snowed-under with work, but totally lacking the motivation to do it. Soooo I just floundered around on Minecraft (quit as soon as the first night fell HA) and did my personal project today. Basically, I made a bench this week for OTM. That is my greatest achievement this week so far as uni work goes. It’s really not exciting so I’m just going to jump in with my personal project which is waaay more fun and exciting. Subscribe to my Polycount thread!

Snip 2

So following on from last week, I did a new version of my concept, with my aim being to act on the points raised by Jolyon and also to learn more about painting, by hand painting everything (except part of the banisters and shutters) rather than photobashing. I tried to bring out more colour, change some of the shapes, and add to the lighting. After my failed lighting experiments last week, I’ve decided that I’ll probably leave the lighting bit until later, rather than trying to visualise it now. I’m finding it hard to get an interesting light setup in Max.

Final Final Concept

I got more feedback from Jolyon, and a suggestion for how I could change levels to improve the image. I love how simple a change can make such a dramatic difference! I also was given an overpaint from a Polycount user, which was super helpful. I really want to act on most, if not all, of these points, but I’m getting stuck in with modelling now, and I feel that these are things that I can deal with as-and-when.

Snip 1

Oh, I also talked to Alice, the Naughtydog artist that created the diorama I was inspired by. She was so friendly, and told me loads about her workflow and software she used or would recommend I use. I feel like I’m finally understanding how the professionals do things, rather than just watching through a window. Now I have a lot of software to research and test, such as 3D Coat, Topogun, and Substance Painter/Designer. Scaryyyyy! This project could make or break my wishes to be an environment artist.

So yes. I’ve started the terrifying task of sculpting in Zbrush. I’m working on the ground area at the moment, as it’s the least developed part of my concept and obviously the piece that everything sits on. I’m really taking my time with this to learn everything I can. I’ve made about a billion rookie errors already, but they’re things that won’t happen again. I’m prepared to start again on the sculpt if it doesn’t bake properly, or one of the million other things that will probably go wrong. It’s to be expected. I don’t really want to start again though, so I’m going with it for now to see how forgiving this process is.

Snip 1

I’m just kinda pretending I know that the hell I’m doing.

I’m enjoying sculpting, though I can see it getting tedious. I don’t mind though. I’m learning things. God how I’ve missed it! I wonder how much I’ll have cocked up this sculpt by next week. Ah, positivity is a virtue of mine.

On the more boring end of the scale, I’m well into my essay and it’s nearing completion, and my presentation for 7 day’s time has changed a lot and I’ll probably have to wing it. But it’s fiiiiiiiine. It’s fine. I’m just glad I don’t have the added load of re-doing any projects. My head hurts enough as it is; my awesome discipline from my time doing a-levels is gone forever.

Have a crappy painting;

Wood Study

Next week I’ll be properly working on OTM again, doing my essay, I’ll be rehearsing my presentation, doing a bit of painting maybe, and of course my personal project when I’m sick of all that. Will I survive? Will I finally get my ass to the gym? Tune in next week and find out. But I probably won’t go to the gym. I never do. *sob*

I like being busy, but I’ll still have a good moan about it to anyone stupid enough to listen. 🙂 Have a nice week mystery reader, thanks for being interested in my work!

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