Find me a title, because I have no idea.

Not much to add after last week’s blog post, since it was so late.

I had a lovely time at home, and ended up staying until Thursday. I didn’t really want to return to Leicester, but it’s nice to be back and hopefully getting back into a routine. I’m going to try and get back into going to the gym, since that crashed and burned weeks ago! …well, maybe after Easter… chocolate everywhere!

At home I managed to get a massage out of my mum when a client cancelled on her and she already had the room set up. It was perhaps the least relaxing massage I’ve ever had, as mum spent most of it going over my shoulders and laughing as I squirmed and yelped at all the crunching and popping. She said my shoulders are more tense and crunchy than many of her older clients. Hunching over a desk most of my life is doing me no favours. I’ve taken it upon myself to try and fix my awful posture, and I guess I’ll have to get away from the desk more often. She also made me a flower essence, which is basically a mixture of the essences of several flowers (and vodka nomnomnom!) that have different properties aimed at various mental characteristics. So my mum takes a pendulum and dowses for them like a witch, and then ta-da! you have a selection of flower essences for someone. You take 7 drops under your tongue at morning and night, and it’s supposed to help ease these problematic traits. I can’t remember the specifics of mine, but it’s for stress and exhaustion or something.

If you’re a non-believer like Jonah, you’re probably laughing quite a lot right now. Like he did as he watched me take it last night and this morning. And when I lovingly and patiently tried to explain it to him. Well screw you, that’s what I say. I BELIEVE! (Although mum did mention in passing that her essences are out of date, so you might be right this time…)

My extended writing piece is well on the way to completion, and I’m feeling much better about it than I was earlier this week. I did a lot of chopping up and re-writing, but I’m feeling like it’s got more direction now and the conclusion really hits a point. It took me longer than anticipated; I’m rustier at writing than I thought. Unfortunately writing a blog every week is very different to sustained formal writing. My writing piece is now going to take a back seat for a while, while I prepare my presentation which is in two weeks time. I’m feeling really funny about my presentation at the moment, like it doesn’t really have a point I guess. It does, but… I don’t know. I can’t explain it. Maybe I’ll rehearse it a little, and write a more solid script and then I’ll be ok about it.

Hey, at least it’s not Alice; OTM work. I haven’t done any of that, lol.

I’ll do it tomorrow. Or next week…. maybe.

In all seriousness, I can’t run 3ds Max or UE4 on the laptop I took home. I do care really. It’s stressing me out and I don’t want to talk about it, mom.

I did a still life instead, which I didn’t have the time to finish;

Punch&Judy Still Life

The ceramic Punch & Judy figurine I worked off was a thing of nightmares. I wasn’t overly pleased with this, but I wasn’t unhappy either. I think I’m at a sort of ‘yeah, it’ll do’ stage with my painting at the moment. I seem to have got past all the negativity I’ve harboured in the past about my painting skills. Now-a-days it’s either ‘meh’ or ‘I’m doing good’. Perhaps I’m not challenging myself enough at the moment? Well, I know for sure that if I attempted to paint some rocks I’d probably get angry again. I think I’ll avoid that for now, since I’m at my wits end with OTM.

My personal diorama has been drifting along slowly. I sent my work so far to an art director at Natural Motion, who used to teach on Game Art; Jolyon Webb. He’s helped me in the past with work and has always been super direct and helpful. The crit he gives can be viewed as a bit harsh, but I’m all over it. In a world where everyone tip-toes around, it’s a breath of fresh air. He overpainted my concept, and gave some suggestions. Overall though, he said it was looking strong, so yay for that.

Snip 2

I’ve added to the rough whitebox today for a second overpaint and I played about with lighting too, but ended up coming back to something pretty close to my original setup. Earlier in the week I also changed my colour palette, since I’d had a couple of comments from Jolyon and Polycount users that it was a little incongruous. I’m much happier with where it’s going now. My concept is feeling more solid every day, and I’ll be ready to go ahead with modelling soon!

Any opinions on the colour palette are more than welcome, please let me know what you think.


Tried lots of ideas.


Ultimately preferred the final 3 ideas. Leaning towards the top left, but I’m still really torn.

Lighting Setups

Lighting experimentation on updated whitebox.

I’ll hopefully have my final final final concept done by next week, and then I can get on with modelly stuff… I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to start with that. It’s probably going to end up being a very long winded and experimental project. I’m both nervous and excited, but I can see myself learning heaps. It’s going to be gooooood.

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One thought on “Find me a title, because I have no idea.

  1. May your creativity continue to blossom and flourish, resurrect and ascend to new heights out of the depths of the fecund unmanifest, uncreated light in the treasures of darkness!


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