Some time at home.

This post is a late one, since I forgot to post on Friday. It’s because I spent most of Friday on a train back to Beverley, and I’m currently taking some of my Easter break at home. I’m also bird-free, as Jonah has agreed to take care of him for me while I’m gone! It’s lovely, but I still panic every time I open a door or window thinking, ‘where’s the bird?’.

Here at home I’ve mostly been trying to get ‘life stuff’ done; plans for summer, how I’ll be getting all my stuff home and to my new flat, student finance, blah blah blah. I’ve also set this time aside to crack on with some of the more wordy assignments from uni, like this blog post and my extended writing piece. I have to write a 3 minute presentation on whatever I like too, so the tutors can mark my presenting abilities or something. It’s… it’s about birds…

My mum’s been pestering me all the time to help her tidy the garage at our old house, so I finally got on with it. It was so worth it;


Tamagotchis, BB guns, and a whole load of pretty glass beads were just a fraction of my haul. My hoarding tendencies are back.

I spent a whole lot of last week making LODs (levels of detail) for our level. Since it’s the Easter holidays at uni, I’ve been taking it easy with movies or Youtube videos while I worked at the incredibly laborious task of making every foliage model I’ve made into 2 LODs. The idea is to swap these different density meshes out so that the closer you are to it, the higher poly the mesh you see. As you get further away, UE4 swaps out meshes until the distant meshes are just two planes crossed over eachother. You can tell when it does it, and it looks ugly as hell. This should increase the framerate from our depressing 9 fps. But no. It went up to 12. That’s it. It’s almost not worth the effort/ugliness.


We’re dooooooomed. Hopefully we’ll come up with something… We know it’s to do with the lighting, but we don’t want to sacrifice our pretty lighting if we can help it!

On the far more exciting topic of my personal project, slow progress is being made. I only let myself work on it on weekends and some evenings, so I’m getting barely anything done on it, but I don’t mind. As long as I get it done eventually, I’ll be happy. I took my original design and cut it down so it was much more concentrated, and also made the composition work better. I’m really pleased with how the concept has improved, and also how lively it looks. I guess I got something right about the colours and lighting that stops it looking flat like my work usually is? I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m very happy with it.


That is what I did last weekend, and I also did a concept of the shop interior on the right during the week;


A bit flat and confusing to look at, but it gets across the idea. I want it to be cluttered and cosy, without feeling dirty. I have no idea when I’m going to start modelling, but I reckon it’ll be pretty soon. I want to do a bit more concepting for other angles of the room, and also one of the very back corner area of the courtyard where there’s a tunnel. I’m just taking my time and enjoying myself. I’ve also been posting on Polycount every time I have an update to share, as it’s been suggested to us at university multiple times to get our work up on forums for the world to see. People have told me they’re interested to see where it goes and they’ve subscribed to the thread, and feedback has been so so positive. It’s quite exciting.

Game art is fun.

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