And so UE 4.7 was released, and they were saved.

UE 4.7 was released this week. You know how I always always always go on about how UE4 shades foliage really badly and I hate my life? Well….

Snip 1


The first thing you will see when you take a look at the release notes is the new ‘two sided foliage’ shading model. Foliage now shades properly. This has saved us literally hours of time, going from ridiculously complex materials to simply changing the shading model in the material properties. I’m positively overjoyed, and have been putting it to good use on the rather large number of flowers in our level. This week I have made larkspurs, pansies, tulips and daisies, which will be used both as wild flowers and in carefully designed flower beds. The flower beds we make will be designed around the images I have seen in the books from the British Library (with a sprinkle of ‘artistic license’/not caring about historical accuracy).


Snip 1

A lot of time this week has been spent tweaking bits and bobs in our level and making a massive ornate gate which will open upon the completion of a couple of games so you can progress further.

Snip 1

It’s all looking really nice, and our organisation has improved so much. Last week I talked about our snazzy asset list, which is still being used and is really great for seeing where everyone is at and how carefully they are managing their textures and tris, and now we actually have some set deadlines so we can all work at a similar speed and know when certain things will be complete. The foliage, and assets that will be required for complex blueprints are the priority.

Snip 1

There’s still so far to go but I don’t feel too bad about it, to the point where I barely feel the need to work evenings like I always have done with past projects. That’s not to say I’m feeling super positive and good though. In fact I’d say I’m at a bit of a slump at the moment. I’m finding myself going home after working on this project all day and just doing nothing… not even working on the painting I have on the go. I feel that I’m learning next to nothing, and it’s sucking all the joy out of it for me. So I come home and just… sit there. Almost as if a day of doing easy but boring work is more exhausting than doing a manic day of hard, but interesting work. I’m trying to get myself into a routine of stopping work at 6pm and going home to do personal stuff to spice up my life again, but that’s hard when I’m just bored. With everything. As a result I got a little upset today and so went out for lunch by the canal with Jonah and discussed how we want to be seagulls. The cute ones though, not the sky chavs.

Jonah says he will read me John Livingston Seagull to get me into seagull mode.

Snip 1

I want to smoosh it against my face.

Oh, and one last thing. I’ve chosen to quit my job at RED5 (go buy things, go!). This is because I want my Sundays back, so I can have a painting-dedicated day each week! I’ll feel way less guilty about painting all day on Sundays because obviously I haven’t had Sundays to myself since starting university, so I’m kind of already in the mindset that I can survive without doing any uni work on that day. I have two emotional shifts and a leaving doo left with the RED5 guys, and then I’ll be off. I’m really looking forward to having Sundays back, but at the same time I’m going to miss everyone/everything/all the free shit.

Snip 1

I’m going to paint things again! Speaking of which, I did actually paint something this week. It’s a photo study;


So hopefully my next week will be more positive than this one. I’m trying to look on the bright side and stop being a miserable shi… a miserable little lady. I’m sure you eagerly anticipate the next installment of the Anya Against the World saga. See you next week… for now, there’s a house party in my kitchen I should show my face at. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “And so UE 4.7 was released, and they were saved.

  1. ‘So I come home and just… sit there. ‘

    totally like having a job, oh yes.


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