Why does nothing in Unreal Engine 4 work?

As expected, pretty much all I did this week was Container City. I wish I could let myself just work 10-6pm, but because I’m doing the UE4 work I can easily stay up until like 11pm fiddling about with it. I do enjoy it, but I should learn to distinguish between work and play time.

I’ll start this post off with the one painting I did make time for, and am quite pleased with. Then I can get to business…


My anatomy’s not bad. It’s my style.

I feel like I might be starting to find my own ‘style’ and now I just have to apply basic principles like light and colour better. These are things I definitely need to dedicate more time to actively learning, rather than just painting things. It’s nice to feel like I’m getting somewhere though. It’s enough to push me to keep going and keep learning. With this painting, the thing I found most difficult was the hair. In my reference the hair was very washed out, and I changed the lighting a little too, so that made things more difficult. My brushstrokes also just didn’t suit hair well at all, but that’s just something more I need to learn. I’ll keep pushing.


We’ve made a whole load of progress on our level!

Over the last few days a lot of assets have been handed over to me to add in, and it’s starting to flesh out the level a little (lot!) more. That placeholder bunting you see strung around should look pretty great when we get a normal and albedo put on it, and you might have noticed that the grass is looking a whole lot better than it did (I’m not really sure how I fixed it, but a lot of material node fiddling was involved). The bunting blows in the wind too. It’s pretty cool.

The shrubs dotted around are a recent addition (ie. today), and though I’ve replicated the tree and grass materials both to try and make it shade nicer, it’s not having it. That’s why it’s super black in places. It might just be another one of those things due to UE4 not having a good shader for foliage yet. Same with the floor shadows still having weird stripes, as I mentioned last week. Damn it Unreal Engine!


The inside is a bit more of a working progress since that’s where we’re lacking the most assets so far. I’ve been trying my best to light it and stuff with what we have (and UE4 not behaving), but I can’t finalise anything until we have our assets all together. The assets shown above are what I’ve been making. I mentioned last week that I hoped to have all my assets made by this Friday, and I’m almost there. I have the normal and roughness to make for the cage and lamp and a few other things on the same texture sheet, and I want to make the lamp glow, and then that’s it for me. Which is good, because I’m sure I’ll have plenty enough to concentrate on with putting assets into our level and all the headaches that come with that.


We were asked at our presentation to the tutors to consider giving the player something to look at at the end of the level, such as a vista, so here is what we have right now. It’s just some hills I sculpted in the landscape editor with a sand texture on, but we need to have a proper discussion about what we intend on doing with it, or if it will stay like this. Time is obviously a factor too. Of the next week that we have, we’re all going to be away for one day for the VFX festival, and we all have lives to live too so we can’t just work non-stop to make our project perfect (I’m trying).

We’re doing good and I’m pretty confident we’ll get everything done in time, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. This project has been super fun, I’m kind of sad that it’ll be over in a week! Yikes, time is of the essence… come on UE4, do us proud.

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