What a busy week.

As the title suggests, this week has been a crammed one indeed. A good crammed though; I’ve stuck to my ‘wake up at 9am(ish) every morning’ promise, and every day has seamlessly led on from the other with a great sense of cohesion and fluidity. This week has just felt… good. ‘I feel so alive!’ I told Jonah earlier this week.

I kicked off the weekend last Saturday with painting. And painting. And painting.

Girl in water Grumpy Head House by a lake Warrior girl Wooded path


I think any future painting sprees I do in the future will be a let down now… That was a really great day.

My week wasn’t all easy going fun times though. Oh no- this week marked the start of a group project.

It’s actually going rather smoothly. The brief is quite level-design based, as we must create a small interesting level centred around shipping containers. The project is called ‘Container City’ and we have to include some sort of interactive element. As usual, the start of a project is always a little rocky. Day 1 went really well, and then things got a little frustrating as everyone’s opinions started to clash slightly. We’re out of that patch now, and moving swiftly on. I think we’re all just a little worried now that we’re going to get two weeks into our project and then have it rejected during presentation to tutors next week. I certainly am.

4 concepts montage

Ended up getting a little far ahead of myself and creating some early concepts.

We had a whitebox and level idea quite early on, which is how I created the above concepts. I got a little far ahead of the game, but we’re gathering our scattered thoughts a little better as a group now and we have a much more efficient whiteboxing method so we can refine and refine our level design. It’s basically an engine-ready playable bash kit made of shipping containers that we can keep changing so we don’t have to finalise anything in the level yet. The concepts will remain pretty relevant though.


So at the moment we’re doing a selection of moodboards and concepts to get a feel for what assets etc. we want in our level. We’re being careful to consider re-usability, since this project is modular, and then we have a few unique assets to mix things up. An asset list is well on the way to completion, which we’re keeping open to changes as we change our level design using the bash kit. We’re getting close to having a solid idea, but again we’re trying to keep it flexible in case we get rejected. It’s a shame we don’t have presentations sooner so we know the tutor’s stance on our work at an earlier stage. It’s making me nervous.

8 Well Concepts

I’m hoping next week will bring me more productivity and excitement. I’m back into the flow of uni again and I couldn’t be happier. I was genuinely considering leaving university towards the end of the Christmas break… It’s hard to explain my thinking, but I’m past it now. Part of me thought I would be more productive outside of university… and I think I would, because I would be working hard on my painting like I did last Saturday; I definitely have the drive and self discipline to. I think back to times like Summer where I just sat and painted and did my own thing and I loved it. I want to go back to working hard on my 2D art skills. But my mum, after the initial explosion, sat me down and explained just how hard it would be to make time for myself and my art out of university. And she’s right. I’d need to work a job, take care of finding somewhere to live (because she doesn’t want me back *sob*), take care of my finances and myself (God forbid), survive without student loans… and still try to make time for my art.

I couldn’t. And I’m very very lucky to be where I am, at uni, studying my absolute favourite thing in the world when so many others don’t get the chance. Yeah, I have to focus on projects rather than painting things. And yeah, maybe I don’t want to particularly work in 3D art when I leave. But actually, I really like 3D, and the projects, and university, and the studio space, and learning all these aspects of game art I wouldn’t have otherwise. Who knows where it will take me. My life right now is purely art (and blogs), and this is the only time it will be that way. So why do I think about leaving sometimes?

Because I’m stupid. Next time anyone hears me moaning about leaving, punch me.

See you next week. I wonder where our Container City project will be at by then…

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2 thoughts on “What a busy week.

  1. @shane says:

    Great post! Pictures look amazing


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