Hello, Leicester. Hello, University. Hello, Reality.

I’m baaaaaaaack!

It’s time to get back on with my life, but first, here’s what I got up to this Christmas…


Heading home for 10 days of what turned out to be pure laziness.

Animal Crossing, sleeping, sitting, complaining about my bottom hurting from sitting too much, sitting some more, eating, present opening, familying, sleeping, Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing. I seem to have gone on a hardcore nostalgia binge with my hours of Animal Crossing, playing Colin Mcrae Rally 04 on my original Xbox, and pom pom making.

That’s right, I made pom poms. Many, many pom poms.


I really like poms poms, as you can see from these completely bizarre and very awesome slippers I got as a Christmas gift… If anyone knows what animal they are supposed to be, please enlighten me.


In between hogging sofas and watching TV, I managed to do like one page of drawings. One. And a commission, but that doesn’t count.


So, having arrived home this evening and adorned my room with all my new pom poms and pretties, I’m ready to face reality again. I haven’t come up with new year’s resolutions or any of that crap, but I’m setting myself up for a super productive year of waking up early and just doing stuff. I want to understand the game industry better. I want to know the software better. I want to know art better. I want to be better, and damn it I’m going to try!

Come at me world, I’m ready for you.

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2 thoughts on “Hello, Leicester. Hello, University. Hello, Reality.

  1. Emma Ash says:

    I think the slippers are giraffes! It kind of explains the pom-poms. 🙂


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