Forgetting to post on a Friday, and farting around.

Wednesday was the hand-in for my character project. I made the 9pm lab closing deadline by 2 minutes. And then received an email on the Friday telling me I had handed it in in the wrong folder. Grr.

Despite my illness last week, I completed the project to a relatively satisfactory level when compared to my original intentions; I rigged and posed my female character and got them both textured. Just. There are still a few little bits that remain unfixed, such as seams and some muscles on my female character, but these are pretty minor and it’s only because I know they’re there that it bothers me. Unfortunately I had no time to texture the male’s props.

Female 2Female 1 Male 2Male 1

I’m quite pleased with my final result and hand painting was an enjoyable way to texture a model. It was very satisfying being able to look at my characters and say, the only reason those models look even remotely 3D is because of my hand painting. This is because every shadow and highlight is painted by me- I turned off lighting in 3dsMax. Removing the texture makes the model just look like a grey silhouette.


As much as I enjoyed this project and working in a stylized way, I want to move on to new things next and create a much more realistic character. I know I said I would finish this project over Christmas, but I feel like I’ve learned what I wanted to learn here. The only thing I want to go back to is creating more rig-friendly topology, particularly around the shoulders. They deformed horribly on my model unfortunately. I’m thinking I may re-make my female character in a realistic style. Don’t quote me on that though! It would be a way of me being able to more realistically see if I can actually make a good 3D character model, because I can compare mine to other character models people have created.

I think what I would do differently next time would be to not get ill for a start. That aside, I will definitely consider my topology more carefully for a rig friendly model, and then spend more time perfecting my rig. I’m happy with my workflow for this project, but I think spending more time on the concepting stage may have been beneficial. This is because I didn’t consider certain aspects of my characters, such as how the male’s head sits on his body. I just sort of… painted it, and didn’t think if there would be a spine there, or a neck, or if it was just floating. I went for the latter in the end. For this project it wasn’t a huge deal, but for instance if I were creating a vehicle or the likes I would have to very carefully concept how everything worked so it was both believable for the audience, and easy to understand and create for a modeller.


It’s the Christmas holidays now, and with no projects set from university it means I can sit down and actually do some painting and drawing (and relaxing!) for a week or two, which I have missed very much. I’ve been doing no digital painting and a very limited amount of traditional painting. I’m starting to feel out of the painting loop a little, like I may be forgetting how to art. Friends from university have been doing some really great stuff lately. I need to crack on, all I do at the moment is fart around and procrastinate.


Sorry for the blurry photo. Still can’t work my camera.

This is just a WIP of a Christmas present I am painting. I have another, smaller painting I need to get done this week in time for Christmas too. Once these are done I’ll be dedicating myself back to digital painting, and I think I’ll re-read my Colour and Light book to refresh some colour theory etc. I’m pretty happy with it so far, but I’m annoyed that I resorted to using black to get the shadows dark enough. I started way too dark in the first place really. Basically, I completely ignored anything I read in my book. There is a lot that I would improve, but for my first time doing a big, finished oil painting I’m pretty happy.

Hopefully next (this) week I will a) remember to post on Friday, and b) have something to show for my ‘I’m going to paint more’ing, even if it’s just one digital painting I’ve put time aside for.

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