Oh so ill.

I think I survived Ebola this week. Ok… well, maybe it wasn’t that bad. But I felt like I was dying and ended up bedridden for 4 days. It was a big hit to my character project and my vitamin D levels. Today I finally felt well enough to clear the ocean of tissues from my bedroom floor and clean up the house a little. I discovered that there is in fact a carpet under the layer of grime on the hallway floor and even managed to do some washing up.

My illness had a knock-on affect on Jonah’s productivity too, as he’s been looking after me and doing an awesome job. (He is also now ill mwahahaha). I believe I actually may have died if it wasn’t for him, as I would choose laying in bed staring at my ceiling over feeding myself. I could have died. I still have a mean chesty cough, but the sore throat and all that other nastiness is passing, and I reckon I’ll be back at uni tomorrow and hitting my character project hard to get it even slightly finished for hand-in on Wednesday. I am sooooo much further behind than I wanted to be. Ah man why is it Sunday already?

My last time out of the house was Thursday morning for an hour or so for character project presentations, and then I immediately went home and fell asleep again. Forcing myself to work on Wednesday after being in bed Tuesday was a really stupid idea. I definitely wasn’t talking sense during that 10 minute presentation, waving my hands around like a dingbat and spewing out game industry golds like ‘er… greyscale stuff’ and ‘so, yeah…. yeah… so…. yeah’. I can usually talk about my work, I swear.

3 Capture

This is the stage I was at on Wednesday. I’ve been handpainting my textures, and it’s a really fun and therapeutic experience (when you are healthy). Some areas are going to be alphas so may look weird right now, and others outright haven’t been painted yet. Or both. The textures are rendered with self illumination on 100% so you can see exactly where I’ve painted on the highlights and shadows, which I have done as if the characters are top-lit. Still quite a lot to do, but assuming I don’t get ill again I reckon they will be textured and modified for hand-in.

Originally I wanted to have them textured and rigged, with at least one animated by the original deadline on Friday. This isn’t going to happen for Wednesday either now. It’s extremely frustrating, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s just typical this happens in the last week of our last project before Christmas. I was so excited to have it finished and looking nice for deadline. I’ll finish it after deadline anyway as I need rigging practise. And then *hopefully* I’ll have a Christmas of eating, drawing, painting, and sleeping. Oh, and playing on my new Nintendo 3DS, because apparently Game Art has made me mentally recede to my childhood again.

Antisocial heaven, here I come! All my town residents will be birds and I will drive away any non-birds.

Before tomorrow, I intend on having an awesome night’s sleep, and maybe trying to stomach a little bangers and mash courtesy of my personal carer. This blog, and my online Christmas shopping is my work for the day, and now I’m tired out. Ugh. Have a good week all.

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