A Week of Hermiting.

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A sad rainy day.

I’ve left my house properly about twice this week… I’m becoming more antisocial than I could have ever imagined. I’ve spent a lot of time this week fiddling with my Sentry Gun project, and I’m at the stage where I have a sort-of finished model which I’m keeping open to change in case problems arise. I keep accidentally deleting faces and ruining bits and not realising until it’s too late, and then I have to fix it, so its been slow progress and quite frustrating. This week has been a strange fast/slow blur. I’m not sure how to explain it. Having talked to a couple of others about it, they feel the same. It’s in the wind, I swear. I have a weird urge to just retreat to my bed and never come out, though that could be something to do with the fact that my house is as cold as it is outside, and sleeping on the pavement would be warmer.



Rant over. So, assuming I don’t wreck my model anymore, which is impossible because I saved about a billion back-ups, I am ready to start the hard bit; creating a high poly version. This is the bit I hate, because it requires patience and perseverance, and I know something will go wrong. New things are scary!


I made a whole load of iterations of this model, to the point that the Max scene with them all in started to lag. I reckon that’s my computer being rubbish though. I spent way more time on this than it looks like! As it stands I don’t really like the smooth curvyness of the base. I’m thinking it’ll be less obvious with a detailed normal map and texture. I hope. It’s my favourite version of all the ones I created and tested and most closely follows my design. I created problems for myself from the start because I created orthographics of my design, without much thought as to how it would actually look in three dimensional space, so I got quite confused. It’s something I’ll remember next time I create a complexly shaped prop.


I’ve also started work on a physical model which I’m making out of cardboard. It’s another task which gets me away from the computer. So far in the process of making this model I’ve watched about 6 Attenborough documentaries. They’re very distracting. The new Life Story documentaries on BBC are amazing and make me cry periodically. Take a look at the first fifteen minutes of episode 1. The baby geese! So adorable! (I cried).


I love my knitted blanket, isn’t it just the best? THANKS MUM!

I’m so distracted today.

Also at uni, a clothed life drawing class was run on Wednesday as part of the ‘opening’ of the ‘DMU Media School’ which I’m pretty sure has existed for the last year at least anyway… Either way, it was really great. Our model, Ed, came in some of her cosplays and outfits and did a great job of posing for us. I couldn’t stand so still for so long. I’d enjoy doing more sessions like this, it’s a shame we don’t have a bigger variety of models with more interesting props, not to mention the fact that we have no male model. Apparently they’re hard to find, which is a shame really. The poses below were all 10 minutes.





I also kinda finished the digital painting I mentioned last week. It’s the only painting I’ve had chance to do all week, and I don’t really have an excuse for why. I’ve had a real dip in productivity this week, perhaps related to my not going into university at all or not overly enjoying modelling my turret. I’ve done a lot of procrastination. I’m not very happy with it anyway, so I just abandoned it like I always do. There’s always next week. She says every week.

Dragon passerby

Here’s some exciting news though; I’m doing a big oil painting! I’m not going to show it for a while because it looks baaaaaaaaaad right now. But maybe I’ll feel proud enough to show it the light of day eventually. It’s hard to work on because I’ve lost my easel (I don’t know how that happens either) and my room gets next to no light. I’m considering asking if I can take an easel and work on it in the university modelling room because it’s all nice and light there. I’ll see how I go. I also didn’t prime the surface before I started painting, so the damn thing is literally sucking up the paint and it’s acting more like acrylic than oil. It’s really annoying but too late to rectify really.

So much stuff to do. I’m looking forward to seeing where my sentry gun and painting go.

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