Lots of Stuff.

A new project is up! The Sentry Gun project. It’s an individual project in which we design and make our very own sentry gun, which we have been provided with Unreal blueprints for so we can make it animate. I tried my best not to just go and make a glowy fantasy or oriental style turret, but I still ended up caving and making pretty much all of my designs have bird wings. I like birds.

2 Kitbash

bashy bashy

I really enjoyed this method of concepting, which involves making a ‘kit’ of silhouettes from photos, and then ‘bashing’ them together to make random designs you wouldn’t normally come up with. These were the first designs I made before I got bored (short attention span), and then I took my favourites and developed them until I had a finalised design. I’m still keeping my ‘final’ design quite flexible, because trying to model it is proving to be a real pain and so I may need to alter areas and pretend they never happened.

3 Refined Kitbashes

7 Potential Design Refining.

8 Colour Variations


10 Final Design Rough Orthos


I like my final design. I’m pleased with the simplicity of the colours, because I would usually go mental on colours on something like this. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I’m going for a Greek statue kind of feel. It’s going to be made of carved marble, and I can imagine it standing guard over a building or something. I did some research on Greek mythology too, and I’m sure everyone has heard of Pegasus. I thought it fitted really nicely with my winged design, and so I continued with it throughout the design process. Pegasus was said to carry thunderbolts for Zeus, so I has this idea of my turret shooting lightning, but that would be pretty hard to make, so I’ll have to give that some more thought.

Currently I’m creating a prototype kind of thing, because at this stage I have absolutely no idea how to model all that detail on the base. The feathers will probably be a Zbrush job, but the carvings are crisp and hard, which I don’t really know how to do in Zbrush or Max! As annoying as it is, I’m really grateful for the opportunity to try and practise it now rather than on a later project. It’s probably one of the bigger learning curves in my time at DMU, since it’s such a different style of modelling to what I’ve ever had to do. We have 5,000 tris and I’m finding it really hard to stay on budget.


A bit of a mess at the moment.

I’ve had quite a productive week and I’ve been trying to push myself to try new things, such as using oil paints in life drawing. It causes a mess and I’m always late out of class afterwards but I DON’T CARE IT’S FUN. I reckon I’ll try and paint more with oils. Though I think I said that like a year ago as well and that didn’t happen.


Oh look.

Here’s some life painting, 50 mins each. I’ve been sneaking into multiple life classes since they’re only an hour and a half each;

I much prefer the one on the left. The right hand side was my first attempt, and I learned enough from it to go into the second class and improve a lot. My main issue with painting fast in oils is that colour contamination is virtually impossible to stop. I think I had 5 brushes on the go and was still painting a rainbow. A really refreshing change though, so I WILL, I WILL paint in oils more. Then I can feel like a real artist.

photo 1 (1)

I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s a lot lately so I haven’t had billions of chances to stay up late and paint like I used to, but I’ve been drawing in my sketchbook a little when I’m not getting excited about clothes on the internet or browsing Reddit and Firebox.

photo 2 (1)

Birds aren’t known for their ability to sit still.

Neither are boyfriends. Unless there are games.

In the digital realm I’ve been doing little things here and there when I can. I’m currently working on something but I can’t guarantee I won’t rage quit in the next few days. I’ll consider posting it anyway. I also did a character that started out as one of my doodly doodles and then developed into a more rendered piece.


Still can’t paint.

Yikes I’ve just realised how long this post is. I’m going to end this week with HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN and I hope my next week is as good as this one has been.

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