Stressy Anya is Stressy.

The Asset Swap project is over and I have to say I was so so happy with how well my team worked together. It was a real pleasure and restored my faith in team work. Our final scene was relatively coherent and nobody missed a single deadline set by our group. It was awesome.



I concepted the cutlery, modelled the shield, unwrapped the barrel, and textured the table. Then stuck everything in engine. It would have been nice to have longer to concentrate on PBR texturing (look at that dodgy shininess), but it was a good short intro to life back at uni and group projects. Well done team! 😀


There was no chance for respite after out asset swapping, and we jumped right into our film room project which was a whole new torrent of stress. Nobody really understood why I was stressing so hard and neither do I… but I tell you, THE FEELS WERE REAL. Tears were shed. I’ve ended up in a really good group of hard workers however, so I can hopefully take a back seat a little and enjoy the work itself. This project involves modelling a room from a movie as accurately as possible in 3D, such that you can lay the two stills over eachother and they’ll match pretty closely. We’ve already done a whole load of work which included switching our film room of choice about 3 times, much to our frustration, but now we have a choice that is set in stone and it’s full-steam ahead. Mike the course leader liked/agreed to/grudgingly accepted/relented to our choice of The Aviator;

The Aviator - Screen Grabs (1)

We first intended on doing Bladerunner, and then Harry Potter’s Great Hall (which we did a decent shedload of work for!), but were prompted to think more carefully about our choice because of how large and ambitious the scene was. We reckoned it was really modular and so would be easy to make, but the scene was so detailed and extensive we gave in and went for our final and more achievable room. Also green is my favourite colour. Maybe not that much though.

Here’s some of the work I’ve contributed so far;


I modelled a scale version of the scene (most stressful experience of my life), and Jonah lit it and took a nice render.

Greyscale Paintover

Greyscale painting to study the light/values/stuff.

Table Concept

A table. I’ve discovered I find concepting really boring and I don’t want to be a concept artist any more. So there.

Good stuff so far though! Everyone’s done so much work and it’s all coming together nicely. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Currently we’re creating a physical 3D model of our room out of Kappa board and dress pins. It’s been a while since I did textiles and my fingers are thoroughly pin-pricked. I’m enjoying doing something physical as I’m worried my vision is going from being at a screen so often. It’s bound to happen really.

photo 1 (3)

I’ve just noticed the random mouse and keyboard chilling there and I have no idea where they came from.

It’s been a busy and frustrating week, and I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I’ll get some down-time and be raring to go next week. I made a little time for personal work today, and I’d like to do some more soon! Have a good weekend everyone who reads this (which is way more people than I thought, considering the response to my last rather negative post) and I’ll post again soon.

Tribal woman 2

I abandoned this yesterday because it’s hideous and was sucking my soul.

Man in snow

A much quicker piece I did last night/today and am much happier with 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Stressy Anya is Stressy.

  1. thestagingyard says:

    You do make me liked/agreed to/grudgingly accepted/relented to laugh

    and good to get some positive feedback regarding asset swap and team work, most encouraging regarding our intended course developments


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