Cool Shit, Fun Shit, Scary Shit, and Stressful Shit.

I haven’t intended this title to be a reflection of my rather questionable vocabulary, I promise you. Indeed, I have just come home from a ‘lecture’ that has literally been named ‘Cool Shit Wednesdays’, where tutors and students alike are invited to come up and present some cool shit to the students of Game Art. I very much enjoyed it. Today Jolyon Webb showed us some gif art, a few games that caught his eye at EGX in London, and his own game that he’s working on- Terratech.

This is how I imagine myself to look in a week’s time.

He also showed us this. Epileptics beware. And no, I don’t know either.

I admit though that the sweary nature of the title, for this week only, has been a grand representation of my own swearyness. For this week has been extremely full of stressful shit. Let’s set the scene here and kick the week off with some guy breaking into my house. Yeah. Great. Fortunately nothing of mine, and nothing of particular value was taken. The principle, however, that this man walked into my room while I was in bed trying to sleep is not cool. Not. Cool. It meant that my productivity packed Saturday I had planned definitely didn’t happen because I was too busy freaking out about it.

Back to the gif topic…. that’s for you, burglar.

Then the start of uni comes about, which I have been super excited for, and we’re jumped with 2 simultaneously running group projects where we’re expected to use Unreal Engine 4 (which any of my followers will know that I, and most of my year group, have never touched) and utilise PBR (Physics Based Rendering) techniques for texturing. It’s basically entirely new. The diffuse, specular and normal maps I’d come to know and love are now albido, roughness, metalness, and normal. Albido just sounds like some creepy sexual act or something. I ended up having a bit of a freak out yesterday and telling myself I was going to quit the course. Like that would make me feel any better.

I’m extremely interested in seeing where the projects over the next few months take me. There’s still a lot to be done but the whole course has pretty much been entirely overturned to accommodate for the rapidly evolving industry. Though I love it and the tutors have done a seriously amazing job, it’s all come as a bit of a shock to the system. I’ve really found a taste for experimenting in UDK and can’t wait to delve into UE4, but throwing all of this in our face seems a bit too much. Personally, anyway. I don’t know… I’m really getting a feel for the arty illustration side of games and I know the course drives us much more to be hard working game making machines rather than cherishing the creative arty farty side like I have all summer. I want to learn Unreal, but I want to do it with my own off-the-wall projects and learn stuff in my own time. Summer was just perfect for me. I read books and articles on colour and light, learned loads about painting, experimented with UDK, drew outdoors, and painted loooooads. I miss it a little and I know that I probably won’t get a several month period like that to myself for at least a couple of years now, especially if I take up an internship.

That being said, I completely understand why the course is how it is. I think it’ll definitely be best to follow the course through to the bitter end and then take my own more art based direction from there. I’ll have more contacts, more friends, and more experience as a result. Particularly in 3D which I may end up neglecting a little if I don’t have projects driving me. Not to mention the fact that the course is designed to stretch me to my limits and I don’t wanna be a whiny little bitch and drop out the second I have to do group work. Man up! I think the current projects just aren’t really my cup of tea, and I’m also not used to things not going my way. It’s early days yet.


Inspiration overload

I’d love to be able to close this post with some painting I’ve done in my inexistent free time to make it more exciting than the above mopey wall of text, but I have nothing. No more art dumps for me. 😦 I hope I’ll settle soon and be able to paint a little. I’m getting itchy fingers. I’ll follow up soon with an update on my progress. In the mean time, here’s a painting by Tomas Honz that I adore and feel super inspired by every time I see it, and some music I dance and draw to at the moment. Enjoy the rest of your week, I’m going to go and texture a table.

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2 thoughts on “Cool Shit, Fun Shit, Scary Shit, and Stressful Shit.

  1. dropscone says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear your house was broken into. I had the same thing happen to me earlier in the year (including the person starting to come in to my bedroom. Fortunately when I screamed they ran off), and my neighbours had it happen last week. Certainly makes you jumpy for a while!


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