Art Block

I feel very art blocky at the moment. I abandon a lot of paintings or just flat-out don’t paint. I’ve had a lot of days lately where I’m like ‘oh, I’m ill so I won’t paint’, ‘I’m tired so I won’t paint’, ‘staring at this wall is fun so I won’t paint’. In comparison to how I’ve been in the past, I’m doing next to no work. It’s not like I hate the paintings I finish. I just don’t enjoy painting right now because it takes so much effort to get to a stage where I’m happy. I’m also avoiding doing my 3D gypsy character, which I have modelled the torso of but can’t face trying to do the shoulders and knees. I won’t finish it before uni starts, but I’ll keep at it in my spare time.

I’ve also been feeling quite down in general since moving to Leicester. This limbo stage between moving in and starting uni is boring and I miss my mum. Painting and surprise Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from my boyfriend is the only thing keeping me going. But even then, I’m kinda hating painting right now. So what do I do? Sit and stare at walls, cuddle my bird, and look at stupid news articles online. Uni starts on Monday though, yay.

Nuclear water River scene Ginger beer still life

I’m all very negative at the moment but there are also some upsides to this post, fear not. I’m starting to find my way in the world of colour. Jonah helped me come to the realisation that my obsession with certain paintings comes about from clever use of contrast of saturation to make vibrant colours really pop. It means I’ve started to experiment more with saturation, and already the colours in paintings I use are much more satisfying. I thought about it quite carefully in this painting, but I overloaded on the colour a bit. Fun though. When I convert it to black and white I really like the values too. Almost prefer it over the colour version.

Tribal Woman

I’m sure that once I’m back into Game Art Design at DMU I’ll be on top form again. I just have to get through this weekend and get over this cold! Fresher’s flu when I’m not even a fresher. Ugh.

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One thought on “Art Block

  1. Freshers Flu! Of course, I’ve been feeling sick all week and now I know why… and I’m not even on the same continent, that’s how virulent Freshers Flu is.

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