Back in Leicester.

I moved in last Wednesday, and I’ve only just started recovering from the soon-to-follow immune system failure. I’ve been extremely sleepy lately. Nevertheless, I unpacked everything successfully and I’m really happy to be seeing everyone again. We had a barbecue last night which went surprisingly smoothly, and met a couple of the elusive new first years.

My new bedroom has a nice big desk so I can set up a still-life, and is equipped (finally) with dual screen and a brand new Intuos Pro I got round to buying as a late birthday present! I also have my birdy :3

image (14)

Though I haven’t been hugely productive lately, and I think I have a right to a break right now, I have been doing a fair bit. Firstly, I’ve been doing some, you guessed it, UDK. I’m kind of past the woooo I love this stage because I’ve done all the learny bits now, and now I have a couple more assets to make with practically none of my 15,000 tris left and they’re assets that I’ve already made similar ones of. It’s a bit of a drag. I also have my character to concept and make still, and I just can’t bring myself to, even though character modelling is something I really need to practise.

My scene now is pretty funky looking. I made that river I was talking about a few posts back, complete with caustics.

Caustics Fire Lantern

I want to add foliage and rocks around the edge of the river. It’s just a case if I can be bothered…

I’m pretty happy with it really, and I think it’s mostly because I’ve learned such a huge amount as I’ve gone along. The material editor and the crazy amount of nodes it takes to make certain textures simply blows my mind, but it’s fascinating. I did a paintover of how I would like my level to look if I was better at UDK too, which was really fun;

UDK Paintover

It’s about the first environment paint I’ve ever been happy with. But it goes without saying that I just don’t paint environments enough. I’m trying to work on it at the moment and it’s just a really unenjoyable experience for me right now. I’ll push on.

Clouudy landscape

I abandoned this.

Shitty landscape

I abandoned this one too.

I’m also aiming to do more work from life and imagination, and throwing some photo studies (portraits) in too. Still lifes are going to become a more prominent part of my routine (lol what routine?). I’ll probably become more pale as a result because I seem to automatically close my curtains during still life paintings, but you have to make sacrifices, y’know how it is.

Crowned Woman bw Crowned Woman Witch Tribeman 2Bottle Still Life

I used to be very see-sawy about my happiness with my artwork. Right now, I just seem to be in a constant state of ‘meh’ about my work. Any happiness with work usually lasts a couple hours and then I’m ‘meh’ again. I hope this isn’t how the rest of my art life will be. Well, tutors at uni always told us not to get attached to our work. I think I’m there.

Enough of that. I’m going to start posting more regularly again with uni approaching, rather than just art-dumping every few weeks. I’m really looking forward to university. I’ve missed it.

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