Blocking Facebook, Rediscovering Games, And UDKing UDK!

Title says it all really.

I came to the realisation a long while ago that Facebook prettyyyyy much ruins your life. I go on there and procrastinate all day, I get sad about everyone else’s work, and I get angry about the number of Ice Bucket Challenges accumulating on my Newsfeed. Do you guys even know what ALS is?! Me neither… better deal with that.

So, I installed a Chrome Extension called StayFocusd. It allows you to block sites for certain days and time periods, and has funny pop-ups when you try to change the settings. You can even have it set you a challenge when you wish to alter your settings!


I regretted setting the challenge.

I’m hoping this is going to increase my productivity, and also remove Facebook from my life as a ‘downtime’ hobby, as it is no longer on my phone for me to instinctively click on in bed in the morning, or at work, or anything! As a result, one day into this experiment, I am already finding that I am gravitating back to games after claiming ‘I don’t play games anymore’ for about a year. I played The Sims 3 this morning (not really something I should be proud of)! Additionally, I played Portal the other day so roll on Portal 2 with my new-found no-Facebook time.

Another thing I’m really enjoying at the moment is my UDK project. In fact it almost feels like a game to me, with even more freedom and challenge. True to my promise to myself at the start of summer, I am learning particle effects and all sorts on my journey to create a little gypsy fantasy scene. It’s so so rewarding and I’m actually choosing to do it over painting at the moment. It’s starting to come together a little now, though there are still so many assets to create and, of course, my gypsy.




In hindsight I wish I had made the map bigger so I could have made perhaps a valley and such rather than the map just… ending. I’m hoping to hide that a little with trees and rocks but still, I could have dealt with it better at the start. Always learning! In both making the assets and sorting things in UDK itself I have learned so much and I’m seeing my work and workflow improve from asset to asset, particle effect to particle effect, and material to material.

It sounds like I haven’t been doing much art with all that Facebook and UDKing I’ve been doing, and really, I haven’t. Which I think is good in a way. I’ve got a part time job I’ve been doing too, which involves working in an ice cream van and is very weather dependent with regards to how busy my work days are. On quiet days, I’ve been able to draw while at work which has been a change in both lighting conditions and subject matter for me (in relation to being at home at my desk) and quite enjoyable. Here’s some of the art I’ve been doing lately, both at work (pencil) and home (digi);


I decided to let go and do some crazy character designs without stressing about reference and rendering.

male character

Value work!


Letting go again.

Tribal Girl Male Portrait

image (12)

I also got another commission! 😀

photo 3 (2)

The car moved before I could finish 😦

photo 2 (2)

There are lots of cows where I work.

photo 1 (2) photo 4 (2)

The last thing I’d like to stick on the end of this blog post is I MOVE BACK TO LEICESTER NEXT WEDNESDAY I’M SO EXCITED AHHHHHH! I can’t wait to see everyone again and get back in labs soon! Also here’s my favourite song to listen to at the moment, that my new housemates will hate after about a week of hearing on repeat. The Parov Stelar mix after it in the Youtube playlist is also awesome.


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