A long awaited update! I’ve been working on my Summer Project!

It’s been an extremely long time since I posted here. Since uni stopped I’ve been posting (less than I should have) on my personal blog. I’ve moaned a bit about my life, and art dumped a lot. I’ve been pretty mood-swingy lately, so sometimes I knew I was long due a blog post but was simply too grumpy to do one. Having spent the last two days virtually flat-out on UDK and 3dsMax (I haven’t done a single painting. I think my life is over) I think it’s about time I posted an update here. I’ve been really casual about the whole summer project thing until the last week or so. I wanted to do something other than art and being sad about art though, and it’s been a nice (if infuriating and mentally challenging) break.

So, as I’ve mentioned in the past, the summer project I chose was ‘gypsies’. That is, concept, model, and texture an environment with a gypsy, a horse, and a cart. I’m also throwing it all into UDK as I go and playing around with some more stuffs. You may recall that last time I did a UDK project I threw myself in at the deep end with an animated skydome, the landscape editor, lighting, and the foliage tool. This time I’m leaving out the animated skydome and trying out particle effects, emissive textures, and (maybe, it looks super advanced and I probably can’t be arsed) a river with animated textures. Another challenge I’m setting myself is lighting the scene at night, rather than day. To make this an easier task I’m going to be using lots of point light objects like lanterns and a fire to illuminate the scene. Here’s how I’m doing so far, in picture form…

4096 texture

My cart model, before I downsized the textures from 4k. Still looks pretty good with the smaller ones.

Horse 2

My horse model that I finished a while back. I animated it.

I’m aiming for a really dreamlike fantasy feel to my scene. It’s really tough, and probably won’t end up looking great in the end. But that’s not what matters to me at this point (it is really. I’m actually crying inside), because right now I just want to focus on learning little things like how to get pretty firebugs floating in the sky so one day I can make it look damn good with all my awesome skillz.


So yeah. The tree kinda needs a texture and y’know… leaves, which is what I’m currently working on. I’m also going to put glowy lanterns hanging from the branches hopefully. Aside from that there are like a gazillion things to do… like sort all that floating grass I just noticed. If ANYONE ANYWHERE knows how to make the sky PLEASE STOP BEING PIXELATED I would be forever in your debt. The only option I can currently think of is make some tiling clouds to move over it which will draw attention from the pixelyness.

I love UDK for how creative you can be and how much I’m learning but I can’t help but hate it a little (lot) too. Some things just feel so clunky, or don’t work when I feel like they should. Not to mention the frustrating fact that I’m working in UDK 3 when 4 is already out… I’ve told myself I’m going to get to grips at least a bit with 3 first! So far so good.

Please feel more than welcome to crit my UDK work so far, link me tutorials I may be interested in, or tell me what I’m doing wrong. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for reading and feel free to check out most of my art here!!

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