I’m writing this while procrastinating by doing my hair in my window reflection.


Lately I’ve been really forcing myself to do arty stuff. Not because I don’t want to, but because it’s not going very well and I’m dreading it. Doing art just increases my stress levels right now, and so I don’t enjoy it. It’s feeling like work. My productivity level has fallen and I’m just generally feeling a little sad and disappointed in myself. To be honest I’m not entirely sure why, and I’m not entirely sure why I’m blaming myself. I think I had better get used to this see-saw though. The life of an art student/artist is a rollercoaster;

Sooo yeah having a hard time at the moment. I’m trying to do little fun things in my comfort zone to keep myself happy;

I ran into some old guy I’d met months ago while doing the above drawing in the park. We had a nice chat about all sorts; life, religion, spirituality, relationships, jobs, card-making. And he tried to get me to try his fruit flavoured e-cigarette. Like that would ever happen. I enjoy meeting people while I draw. Getting out of my room to practise the art of speech is always good too.

The painting that started my downward spiral was this one;


I enjoyed and hated this painting, and ended up leaving it unfinished and moving on to prevent a mental breakdown. It’s strange. My happy-sad cycles seem to happen within days of eachother, rather than weeks or months like what seems to be normal. I’m like a pre-pubescent mood-swingy teen all over again. My mind is just racing waaaay ahead of my current ability. I need to chill out. Someone help me chill out. Plz.

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6 thoughts on “I’m writing this while procrastinating by doing my hair in my window reflection.

  1. I feel like that big Gouache piece I’m working on got me out of my last slump.

    Mainly because doing a big traditional based project, which is such a hassle, reminded me how much I love digital.

    But yeah I reckon heeding Mikes advice, ignoring Facebook and maybe switching up mediums for a bit might help.

    Concept your summer project. With finger painting.


  2. someone says:

    start doing some sports, go hiking, or just jogging, or perhaps rock climbing. Sport will always chear you up! do some that has nothing to do with art. dont use your hands for something once in while!


  3. You all try too hard to do a perfect piece. Relax, and knock the stuff out for fun. Work fast and loose. Then, when it stops being fun go and do something completely different.

    And stay away from the Internet. Remember, its direct pipeline from stupid people straight into your brain. You wouldn’t let them in the front door now would you?

    Dr Mike prescribes plenty of fresh air, exercise and talking to actual people. Also watching good films, and reading good books. And good music.


    • anyalasagne says:

      It’s the Steam sale and I tried to play a game today and it sucked so now I’m sat here staring at my wall. I went for a wander into town though. Again.

      Yeah the internet depresses me. I try. Considering sorting one of those things that blocks you from Fb and stuff during certain times. This would help.

      Talking to *actual* people is really hard right now because everyone has moved out and left me 😥 I have no liiiiiiife.


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