Getting Stuff Done.

I have a week left in Leicester before I head home for summer, and I’ve been working pretty hard on my horse. Since I last posted I’ve learned how to create a custom rig as opposed to using an existing biped, how to animate, and how to render videos. You know what that means? Yeah, here’s a video of my horse doing horsey things!

There are some things I definitely need to fix like that less-than-realistic tail swish, the weird tack deformation at the front, and some of the movements looking funny, but I’ve been told how to fix those so I’ll crack on as soon as I can stand the sight of him again. Will probably end up re-doing the whole thing. Was surprisingly fun to animate though, and although it was a really frustrating process, nothing went horribly wrong.

I also did some drawings recently which I thought I would share;


I need to start working in pencil again I think… super rusty!

Next on my list of things to-do is to take a break from 3D to do some personal art, and also start concepting the next part of my summer project; a gypsy caravan. šŸ™‚

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