Go the fuck to sleep.

I’ve already been up to a lot this summer, with my set summer project taking priority. Uni is still open too, so I’ve been popping in for some social interaction and the awesome dual-screen setups in third year labs. I think I’m going to need to sort myself some dual-screen badassery. I’ve also been trying to get some more personal painting done, but I’m actually having fun learning more 3D at the moment so it’s been put to one side a little. Horses are so hard to model though!


I think because I spent so much of my childhood around horses I found this a little easier than I would have otherwise, and I could stylise my horse without it looking weird and unrealistic. Still got a long way to go with him, such as sorting that crazy normal map, re-texturing his tack because it looks awful now, and tidying alphas etc. but it’s nice to have made some really obvious progress over the last few days. Learned looooads as well, which is awesome.

This is the last painting I finished before I started work on horsie;


Took me absolutely ages to enjoy myself with this and I spent much of my time painting it moping, but the final outcome I was quite happy with. It gave me confidence to start painting more work with scenes and storylines, rather than a single character on a blank background. Now I’m starting to feel like I’m getting behind with painting and I should lay off the summer project for a while… so much stuff to do ahh!

Yesterday evening was also that third year’s degree show, so I headed up to check that out and all the awesome work they have been up to. While I was there I got chance to catch up with loads of tutors and students in a really nice social environment, and overall really enjoyed it and the work there. Got me thinking about how fast everything comes round though… it’s insane how everything is rushing by. I caught myself saying ‘aw I can’t wait for our degree show!’ and then was like, actually, I really can wait. Slow down, world.

When I got home I was still pretty hyped up by the general events of the day and really couldn’t sleep. This helped. If you’re ever having issues sleeping, fear not. We are all saved.

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