An awesome surprise.

I was lined up for another pretty boring day on Saturday, and so I was working on my summer project which I haven’t told you about yet. Oh and I did another ‘Virtual Plein Air’;


My Summer Project, which I chose from a list of projects, is to concept and model a gypsy, a horse and cart, and an environment for them. I’m super excited about this project, but it’s a huge task. There are extra little things that I want to integrate into the project that could potentially fail or be too difficult like learning baking and Zbrush, and giving the horse an idle animation which would be really good to learn and will hopefully look awesome. I’ve started gathering moodboards and concepting/modelling my horse so far.


Modelling a horse is really hard. I’ll post an image if I get it done without going insane.

Continuing on with my exciting story, anyway. I was doing my own thing on Saturday, and had forgotten that I had entered a competition of sorts to join a Google Hangout with the artists Darek Zabrocki and Michal Kus. Darek messaged me randomly asking if I would be available in about an hour and a half- I was one of 4 winners who were going to join this Hangout in support of the current CG Hub 2.0 Kickstarter. We got to watch demo paintings, chill out, and ask questions of these guys about the concept art industry and various other things. An awesome surprise indeed. 

By the end of it we were all painting together but I was really struggling to produce a piece of art I felt I could continue, and ended up just getting into one as we wrapped up for the day. I feel like with this piece I’ve made quite a satisfying leap with my painting ability, and I learned some new Photoshop techniques too.


I’m starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere. 🙂



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