The year is over… I have no work to do… what even is life?

I am done with the master study project and done for this year! Hand in is tomorrow at 10am, and I’m all ready to roll. So, this is my final university work update of this academic year. 😥 It’s a good one though… I’m really proud of the work I’ve done this week and it’s great to end on a high note. 



I particularly like my last master study of Sargent’s Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth. Mainly because I found the original absolutely beautiful anyway. I have a particular love for things with minute, shiny detail like beading, feathers, and jewels. When I saw it I had to paint it, despite the fact I was going to leave it at 2 studies and it’s the day before hand-in. Painting the dress was a paiiiin! It’s strange, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost my fear of getting a painting or drawing wrong since coming to uni. I no longer worry that something is going to take me too long or I’m going to entirely cock it up. It’s nice to know that my confidence is slowly increasing. Perhaps it’s something coming about as a result of improving my art skills. Perhaps I’m just so broken I don’t care.

Our ‘final exam’ was to go and visit the New Walk Museum and do a drawing there of something for 2 hours to prove that we have gotten better since we joined the course back in September. With my new-found love for pen drawing environments, I didn’t just focus on drawing a dinosaur skeleton or the likes; I drew the entire museum room using pen and Promarkers. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the point of the final exam… I think we were meant to use pencil… but y’know. At the end of the day I know I could never have drawn a room straight off in pen when I first came here, and now I can. Here’s a comparison of a drawing I did earlier in the year with my most recent ‘exam’ final. I think it shows my improvement nicely, even just over 4 months;





Looks like my practise drawing outside every couple days has paid off. In fact, I even managed to get a paid drawing commissioned yesterday while I was out drawing the students union for a resubmission (original here, and that was done from a photo!). I’m not charging much and it’s not a huge exciting design work piece- just a drawing of Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg, but it’s nice to know someone out there desires my work. It gives me the confidence to try going out in Summer, as I was planning, and sell my work on the streets of Totnes (Devon) and Beverley (East Yorkshire) as I draw. It’s no issue if I don’t, but it’s sort of a win-win situation for me because it’s a way of practising drawing and making money if someone buys. If it happens, wonderful. If not, no problem- I’m still practising my drawing.


Resubmission for my Student Union Final

So I have a pretty empty summer lined up, and I don’t even go home until late June. It’s perfect for getting in as much art as I can.

Over summer I won’t stop posting on this page, but I’m more likely to post on my personal blog with bits and bobs being shared here too to show what I’m up to. If you’re interested in seeing what I’ll be doing in the next few months in gory detail, keep an eye on my personal blog here. I’ll be back with a full end-of year review on this blog soon though. 🙂


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