Art, art, art. And sorting my life out.

3D projects are done.

Now, to an extent, I can spend all my time on art. I’m still going to take the time to learn Zbrush and hopefully make a new character in Max over summer, but it’s all chill now. 2D project hand-in is 16th May and I have quite a heavy workload until then, but I don’t mind much. I’ve been working pretty hard on my Chicago environment work and I’m pleased to say I’m really enjoying it, even if I’m not very good.




I’m relying a lot on 3D to get the perspective right in these pieces, but that’s because it’s really complex and no way could I do that freehand. So a lot of this project, for me, is about learning rendering techniques and shortcuts to making surfaces not look flat- something I suffer from horribly. Unlike my first piece, for my second one I have started in greyscale to get my values and rendering nailed before I start colour. My problem with this method is I find it hard to get the colours I want, but I’ll get over it. Eventually. Something else that will hopefully aid this is the Master Study project we’ve just been set on top of our Chicago project (I know right, two projects at once. Who do they think they are?!). I love the subtle texture that traditional paintings have, so it will be interesting to find methods to replicate this.

Something I’ve been complaining of a lot lately is feeling like crap all the time, but I feel like this cloud of awful is beginning to finally lift. I’m feeling less frustrated with life overall. I think part of it was down to making a huge to-do list of all the tiny things I needed to sort like booking a dental appointment, doing my laundry, and buying food, and just getting it all done today. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can focus again now. Not to mention that miserable texturing project is done.

So it’s heads down for then next week or so. I have a deadline approaching!

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