Perspective, Progress, and Procrastination

I’ve been at work today and I’m tiredddddd. Unfortunately when I got home I came to the realisation that I’m actually really far behind with the ‘texturing competition’ project. The reason? No idea. I thought I was on top of it all, but then I remembered I had forgotten to do my design document. So I worked my weary ass off on that tonight, and it’s still not done. THEN it hit me that hand in is on Tuesday and I haven’t finished texturing the male character yet. Crap. THEN I burned my rice for my tea. I mean like ‘burned’ like, that wasn’t rice any more, and the pan is mortally wounded. Man down! I don’t understand what’s happened to me lately. I’ve lost interest in the projects, have lost the ability to cook, and am somehow behind on a project… this has never happened to me. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m a swat.

I’m sat here in my work uniform, freezing cold and in the dark, having a mini ‘oh I’m so sad and my life is over’ breakdown. Also my lovely fairy lights broke the other day so I’m super sad. Not even ‘The Life of Birds’ cheered me up last night. Woe is me. Anyway here’s the female character all textured that I’m sure you were super excited to see;


I’ve made good progress on the Chicago project since my last miserable post, and have enjoyed it considerably more than the 3D project. Because I’m so useless at perspective, I whiteboxed my city idea in 3dsMax to overpaint. Surprisingly, I actually quite enjoyed this, and I found it really freed me up in terms of composition ideas because I could do stuff far more complex than my ability dictates. I made it in real-world scale, and made boxes at human height so I could make the people the right size in the scene. I’m thinking of putting some sort of gang dude in the foreground of each piece with a gun sneakily aimed at someone, but that’s something to come to later. Here’s my progress so far;




I’ve had some handy crits from uni colleagues and the online community, so I’ll be working on this more probably after my 3D hand-in. I’d like to get another one done too if possible. I’m having really good fun doing this, so maybe I could become an environment artist one day… I’ll try… Definitely something to work on more.

Here’s to a summer full of practise and personal work. I must get better! 😀

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