At a low again.

This week’s a rubbish one it seems. The weather has been crap, my new projects are boring me, and I have next to no motivation.

It’s pretty unusual for me to call a project boring, but I’m just finding that my two current projects are restricting and depressing. Game Production involves a project called ‘texturing competition’ (pretty sure it’s not remotely competitive), and it involves taking two character models that have been created for us and texturing them to the best of our ability without changing the models. Fortunately it’s only a week project but I’m already feeling knocked out by it. The characters don’t remotely suit my style and I’m finding it really hard to adapt and enjoy. My texturing ideas are stagnant and boring, and have no flare what-so-ever.

People may argue that I must learn to adapt in order to suit the games industry, and I entirely agree. However, trying to work with a blank character model that has no story or environment is really tough and something I’m pretty sure I would never get asked to do in industry. I should be presented with a model, already have an idea of the story and character I’m creating, and go to town. Right? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Additionally, the models are really tough to do anything interesting with- the male is clearly meant to be some sort of black Rasta dude, and the female basically looks like a prostitute. Nevertheless, here are my takes so far;

Female Concepts Male Concepts


Will post the final textured models when I’m done.

Now time to mope about Visual Design. We’ve been set the project 1920’s Chicago; a classic era of art deco, graceful beauty, and gang culture. Once again I’m feeling pretty limited. We are allowed to choose vehicles, characters or environments. Did you see my last vehicle project flop? Like hell am I choosing vehicles. I’ve also done quite a lot of characters lately, which removes that from my options, leaving environments. My greatest strength is drawing organic objects, and well…

Not very organic to me.

So I’m giving environments a crack, but this involves creating streets that believably fit into a 1920’s Chicago scene. I suck at drawing man made buildings. 3dsMax is going to be very important for me, as I will whitebox a scene out and then overpaint, but it’s still going to be a pain. I hate having so many limitations!

I’m also getting really sad because the end of uni is fast approaching, and some of my friends are already getting ready to leave. I don’t want to go home. 😦

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