Good to be back!

It’s Monday and I’m back at university on our last push before my first year is over -sob-. Easter has been both productive and recuperative, and I’m really happy to be back with some structure in my life and work to do. Tomorrow marks the hand-in for my first UDK based project, and I’m both happy and irritated with my final scene. Here are some screenshots, and I will explain;


I’m really happy with how the whole thing looks. It felt like after hauling my way through all the past painful 3D projects and wallowing in self-pity, I’d finally done something that looked half decent. I learned absolutely loads and feel satisfied in that sense, but there are some things that went wrong in this scene that others won’t notice. But I know it went wrong. I know. For example the skybox is meant to have a sun, and it shows in the material editor, but it’s not showing on the mesh (grr). Also upon applying the normals to the ground material, the shading goes odd and almost looks like there are pools of shadow in random places. So there are no normals on the ground. Lots of little things like that, that I simply gave up on when one of the tutors couldn’t even help me. It’s not the end of the world. 🙂

On the arty side of things, I’ve been doing more drawing out and about in Leicester because the weather has been fabulous, which I will post on my personal blog shortly, and I’ve been working on another character piece. You may or may not recall the reef character project I had. I wasn’t overjoyed with the work I produced and I feel like I have improved since, so I started a new final over Easter. It wasn’t really because I felt pressured to re-do all my finals; it actually started out as a self-indulgent personal project which I’ve just decided I’ll add to my final hand-in if I get it done in time. Here is a WIP;


The main issue I’m dealing with at the moment is trying to make the torso look right in terms of colours and form. My reference wasn’t very good for getting anatomy right, so I had to sort of compromise because I loved the pose that the model was in. The sea and waves were a happy accident as well. I couldn’t paint the skintones correctly (and still damn can’t) until I had an environment that would influence them, otherwise the character wouldn’t really fit in. So was spam-painting until I had something that worked, and then this choppy sea came through which I liked and I just went from there. I’m hoping I’ll get it done soon, because we’ve been set a new project; 1920’s Chicago.

I think the Chicago project could give me some grief because it’s not really something that suits my interests and drawing style, but it’s important that I try to adapt to different styles etc. so that’s what I’ll do.

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