Life is good.

It’s been a long day at work. I’m a sales assistant in a shop called Red5, which sells a lot of random gadgety stuff that no-one really needs but people buy anyway. I’m the one that stands in the door and flies RC helicopters while I try to not look grumpy, say hello and goodbye to everyone passing by, talk to whoever may ask me rather obvious questions, and try and avoid taking your heads off as you walk in the door without looking where you’re going. There’s something called spacial awareness, folks.

I do enjoy my job though. 🙂 My last few days have been really nice and chill, mainly thanks to the weather. I’ve had a chance to get out and draw a bit which has been lovely. I was on my way to uni the other day, with a plan of UDK and digital painting lined up. My 3 minute journey there involves walking through a park with a pond and beautiful greenery all running alongside the canal. It was a gorgeous day and I was carrying my drawing equipment with me as I always do, so I stopped, scrapped my plan for the day, and started drawing. It made a great change to my usual attitude of ‘I must do my work for the day or I shall have a mental breakdown’, and it was really quite therapeutic. Not to mention I’ve been getting very pale lately.




Days like this that break up my routine are very important, and few and far between. It seemed to throw me into a new mental gear though, because now I feel much more like I can take breaks from work and do something for me, not just university. I also found myself heading down to the Guild Hall on Friday to do an on-location watercolour (the first on-location painting I’ve done) but it wasn’t because I felt obliged to, with it being something on my to-do list. It was because I wanted to. A fantastic day for it too. I stayed out there for about two hours and got into conversations with a local artist, a writer, a Big Issue seller, a GCSE art student, a dude that (I think) works at the Hall, and various other friendlies. It’s a really nice way to meet strange people. I’d like to go back there and do more painting, partially because I’m not too pleased with my piece, but mainly because I had loads of fun doing it.



I painted slightly differently to how I usually would, because lately I’ve been reading James Gurney’s Colour and Light so I was thinking a little differently about colour and trying to remember some of that theory I had learned with regards to shadow colours. I think that’s one of the reasons I screwed up, but it’s all part of the learning process. I should also have done the drawing from more of a distance to get a nicer composition; I knew it as soon as I started drawing but was too lazy to move. Plus the sky makes me cry a little. Can’t wait to give this another shot though!

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2 thoughts on “Life is good.

  1. you’re frickin talented! and your hair is gorgeous!


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