On a downer.

Spent a lot of time over the last couple of days working in 3ds Max and UDK on my scene. Here it is so far;


There is still a lot I want to do with this, which mainly involves creating new assets and textures such as rocks and grass, and trying to make the sun work (which it isn’t, as I found out today). I’ve been doing a lot more 3D than I’m used to so decided today, after some UDK stressing, that I’d do some painting. I started a master study last night and I intended on finishing it today, but I got annoyed with working on the sea and stopped;


SO then I tried a 30 minute spitpaint. Don’t go there. I’m starting to get all down on my work again. It seems like everyone around me is improving amazingly and I’m still here being a bit shit. I guess it’s just a phase, but I feel like I’ll never be good enough to get in the industry because I have no idea how to make myself better. I feel like I’m a really slow improver in comparison to everyone else and I’m going to be left behind. It doesn’t help that I’m friends with the likes of Darek Zabrocki and Ruan Jia on Facebook and have to watch there amazing work scroll by. Gah.

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “On a downer.

  1. My advice? Stay away from Facebook, stop comparing yourself to others. Blast through the work FAST.

    Stop fretting over ‘improvements’ and chasing ‘perfection’.

    Work fast and dirty, thats the key.

    The industry is looking for ‘good enough’ and ‘fast enough’.

    I’ve just spent a bit of time with one of our interns, and she is actually recruiting artists as part of her job. Her comment – most students are too slow to hire, they can’t multi task, and they fixate on irrelevant things

    And stay away from Facebook, it’s a life force vampire..


    • anyalasagne says:

      I was actually going to mention I’m considering a Facebook strike. Like seriously, Facebook is horrible.
      I try to work fast and just make myself miserable though ha. A case of practise I guess. I’ll be taking a break for a few days and then hit it hard.

      Thanks Mike 🙂


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