UDK and Visual Design Update

It’s the Easter holidays now but that doesn’t mean I get three weeks to sit around and eat chocolate, which is basically what I did all weekend. Well. There’ll be a decent amount of sitting and chocolate eating.

I’m taking a bit of a break from visual design (although I still have my Guild Hall final to finish), but hopefully I’ll be throwing some personal work into the mix, and maybe re-doing one or two more finals if I can bring myself to. So far for the Guild Hall project I’ve completed some thumbs on location, and a digipaint;


Guild Hall Sketch

I’m hoping the weather will improve at some point in Easter when I’m not back home so I can do an on-location watercolour piece. I would like that.

Moving on to my 3D work, I’ve managed to finish my dynamic UDK skybox. It involved a lot of tutorial following so I don’t quite understand the theory of all the shaders yet but I have a vague idea. I’m pretty happy with the final result though, considering it’s my first skybox. I just need to work on little things like Photoshopping the sky image better and choosing more suitable images; the current skybox looks a little odd because the clouds are too big.


Today I’ve been making another tree to accompany my old old ones from a past project (it’s currently running through NormalThief to make it look pretty), which should hopefully make my scene look more diverse. There’s still a helluva lot of assets to make though if I want to make it look how I imagine it. I’m really enjoying it so far. Very rewarding.

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