6 thoughts on “I did it…

  1. It’s just how I imagined the scene in my head though after reading your creative writing piece 🙂 nice one!


  2. I finally broke cover to comment. Exemplary blogging. Thought the creative piece was interesting, clearly five minutes doesn’t allow much polishing.

    I expected the character to feature more in the painting, plus a distant view of the burned out city. But that’s just the picture I had in my head.

    I hope you thought this was a useful exercise, as it emulates a fairly commonplace industry scenario where the visualisers and concepters will be given a piece of text to work from.

    Next job is to build it in 3d.

    yeh, I might have been kidding with that – but hey, why not? I’d love to play a game based on ice. With hammers and tree branches as weapons, not farty laser guns.


    • anyalasagne says:

      Nice to see you!
      Indeed 5 minutes was a tough one but really good fun to just speed type and see what happens. I’m thinking of trying to make it a regular thing- I miss creative writing.
      I wanted to put a city in the back ground but couldn’t seem to make it work- I intend on giving painting it another go over Easter. It didn’t really go where I wanted it to in the end.

      Yeah, as I came up with the idea I was thinking there aren’t really any games out there that creep you out with the thought of what’s under the ice. Small glimpses of what is there such as the bow of a ship would hint to what happened in the past (and personally scare the crap out of me). It was playing on my fear of shipwrecks and what could be deep under water that we can’t see.


  3. Check out Kate Bush, Under the Ice


    the lyrics are awesome, and creepy and the tune is interesting


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