Blogging Day!

Yesterday our tutors hosted an all-day blog ‘conference’ for us, with lots of sessions with help and advice on our blogs, writing skills, and creativity within our blogs. I was pretty neutral about the day beforehand, because I wouldn’t say I’m a student who has issues with blogging. I’ve had a personal blog since the day I found out I had a place on Game Art Design at DMU which I have enjoyed writing, and I have always been good at English, with an A at A-level. Nevertheless I intended on going to some of the sessions, but not all 4 that I could have. So on the day when I was told we really had to go to all sessions I was a bit grumpy for the next ten minutes, as I had made a plan for my day already and I can’t stand having my plans disrupted.

I attended the first session I had signed up for anyway, and was pleasantly surprised to not just be sitting there waiting for someone to come look at my blog and give me about a minute’s feedback on it. We chatted with some second and third years about the course mostly, and had an opportunity to ask them questions about their experience and the likes. It was a nice start to the day and improved my mood for the following session where I could just sit in peace and write my blog, which was perfect for me because I had my big Game History post to write up. I attended the third session with the intention of just sitting at the back and finishing up my blog post, but I found myself getting involved in that a little bit too.

The session was all about transferring creative skills into blogs, and so we (when I say ‘we’, I just kinda sat at the back and stared at the pictures) analysed several images from movies and games, and also looked closely at The Last of Us. Timed tasks were done where, in the theme of The Last of Us, a word was given and we had 2 minutes to write about it. For example ‘smell’ or ‘sky’. The idea was in a very short space of time, we had effectively directed a scene using words rather than drawing like we were used to. I didn’t get chance to join in on this task but I did some thinking while it took place and intend on doing the task myself and painting what I come up with.

Overall the day could have been worse and it all went really smoothly for such a big operation. I imagine it would have really benefited a lot of people, but personally I just used the day to chat to new people involved in the course and write my blog, which is a successful day in itself. Days and workshops I always find useful though, and there is always something to get out of them so I think they’re definitely something to continue providing. Looking forward to see what else we’ll get chance to do.

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