Getting overexcited about things no-one should get overexcited about…

I had 3D tutoring today and hung about in labs from about 10am-7pm chatting to my tutor about skyboxes, water fountains, general UDk craziness, and doing work. I’m really excited about out UDK scene project! I’ve decided that I’m going to abandon the scene I started last week (see previous post for screenshot) and do a new one entirely, putting extra effort into creating new assets I’ve never attempted before and re-jigging existing ones. My aim is to be a bit ambitious and hopefully pull it off, meaning I’ll probably push back learning Zbrush and re-doing my 3D character to Summer.

Today to start off, I did some extra work on my old architecture project, hailing ‘fuck the tri budget I cried over for 5 weeks!’ and going mental modelling in every window pane I could see. Already it looks entirely different to my first iteration that had hard lines and horrible normal maps for the window panes;


There’s still a few things to sort but I’ll be moving on to re-texturing it shortly… once I sort out the entirely destroyed UV map… I’m really hoping my scene goes well overall, so excited! (Wait until my next post which will be a) a stream of curses, b) me changing my mind about how excited I am, c) a stream of curses.)

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2 thoughts on “Getting overexcited about things no-one should get overexcited about…

  1. dpmpls says:

    Looking good.


  2. anyalasagne says:

    Thankyou, I try 😛


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