It’s the weeeeeekeeeeend (and I’m still working!)

This week has been crazy busy and I near-killed myself working so hard. I posted on Tuesday night and was feeling pretty rough, and it turns out I completely blew myself out for pretty much the rest of the week. The next two days involved being ill, lots of sleeping and not really being able to eat (I am now swiftly catching up on missed out food). I worked fine in the morning but come 3pm I had to sleep or I thought I was going to die. I’m better now so here is some more work I did after Tuesday.

I redid my canal final, which we first did right at the start of the year! To be honest I can’t really see much of an improvement between this and my previous piece, but I know I have actually improved since I started uni. Also I ruined the perspective on the water which killed the whole thing for me unfortunately. šŸ˜¦

[Untitled]001 (5) [Untitled]001 (6) [Untitled]001 (9)



I also went back to the New Walk museum yesterday to redo another early project; dinosaur bones. I found that really therapeutic and enjoyable, and looking back at how I worked at the start of the year, I have no clue how I couldn’t do 12+ thumbnails in 2 hours like I can now. For my final piece, which is a cod skull (or ‘Skull of Cod’ as it is called in the museum, which inevitably I read as ‘Skull of God’), I tried using H pencils as well as just B pencils which I tend to rely on. I often get praised for the contrast in my work but never felt that I had satisfying lighter tones because shading lightly with a B always produced messy results. I was really quite pleased with the result, so it’s definitely something to bare in mind for the future.

This week I haven’t had a 3D project set (although I had been working on UDK a little a few days back), which is why I’ve produced so much art work this week. Here is another project redo I’m currently working on; my interesting character.


Redoing this project over and over has really helped me improve. Let’s take a look at all the iterations so far next to eachother;


The improvement over the course of one project is really nice to see, and I can’t wait to improve further. I’m going to be setting myself projects over summer to keep the improvements going for sure. I really need to work on stopping colours getting muddy in Photoshop, and blending colours and values smoothly. Blending is definitely something that I’ve had huge amounts of frustration with. Practise practise practise! I’ve definitely learned the importance of good reference for drawing so I’m trying to build up both my visual library, and reference library as much as I can. When (or if) I finish this final character painting I’ll post it up!

Finally, as promised in my last post, here is a screenshot of my UDK work. I haven’t done any work on it this week due to such intensive 2D work, but next week will hopefully be 3D week with some 2D work thrown in. I believe we will be visiting the guildhall, which involves drawing interiors. I’ve missed it! With regards to this 3D work, I want to produce a street scene with assets I’ve already created such as my van, and hopefully create some new assets to replace old ones such as street furniture (bins, lampost, fences). I’m looking forward to learning the ways of lighting and making things look pretty.


There are a lot of things that are bothering me, as you can see. The textures are easy to sort, I just cba, you know? But things such as that gap in the road shouldn’t be there because I made all the modular pieces from eachother, so they should be exactly the same where they meet. I’m thinking perhaps I accidentally moved a vert, making them slightly different. Also that shading error… grrr. If anyone has any advice on Max and UDK for me I would welcome it with open arms.

Thanks for reading! Have some music.

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3 thoughts on “It’s the weeeeeekeeeeend (and I’m still working!)

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  3. […] didn’t take too long to complete in the end. Overall I’m really happy with my progressĀ from iteration 1 to iteration 3. Hopefully my improvement will continue at such a rate until I’m […]


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