I literally have too much work to talk about.

Since last Monday I’ve been on a productivity rampage and I can feel a crash looming. Like, this is unhealthy to the point that I’m forgetting to eat… I’m going to keep this concise, more of a visual post than anything so you can see what I’ve been up to. Then I’m going home and I’m eating a massive pie-and-mash dinner. OMG yum.

Last week’s project;



Alongside this I’ve started teaching myself UDK and created a modular road system and terrain.

This week’s project (baring in mind we got set this yesterday);


I also drew some feet today, mmmmmmmm! It’s for my mum, for her massage room. (I reckon she actually has a foot fetish but I keep that to myself, you know how it is.)

ImageI’ll update my blog at the end of this week with UDK screenshots and more art. I’ll maybe talk more (if you’re lucky!)  if I’m feeling less light-headed. 😀

Have a good week all.

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