It’s Monday!

I hate Mondays. So I procrastinate by making bacon sandwiches and writing blog posts. There are worse ways to procrastinate, let’s face it.

Also, I’m really digging this mix at the moment… (loud, young-people-friendly music alert. Mike/Chris/Heather/Emma etc, don’t click this.)

Monday= new project! New project= stress! Here’s the deal; Having designed our ‘reef’ characters, we’ve now been set the task of modelling them like I did for my interesting character project. I’m more prepared this time for what I’ll need to model, and hopefully I’ll improve on my last one. I’ve ordered Sculpey from both Amazon and Ebay so at least one will arrive on time… I’m raring to crack on.

Here’s some further developments I made to my reef character project last week;

Character EnvironmentI made an environment for my character to live in and also worked on orthographics. Doing orthographics forced me to confront the way the big spines on my characters back were attached to him- are they parts of his clothing, or are they coming out of his actual body? It also caused me to start thinking about his back story and who he is. I decided that there were too many characters in existence that were contaminated or infected with some sort of parasitic disease (think Halo’s The Flood or any generic zombie game) that are really gross and ugly, and wanted to create something infected with a parasite that was beautiful to look at. I therefore made it so that the spines were actually protruding from a wound on his back, and made the suggestion that his mask and tattoo-like patterns on his body were part of the parasite, attached permanently to his body.

I’m pleased with the final concept and environment, but particularly feel that I could do some more work on the environment piece, or re-do it at some point (this re-do list is growing…). I started out in greyscale for the first time on an environment piece, and then used various layers such as hard light, soft light, and colour layers to add the colour. Usually I find the colours come out too muddy when starting in greyscale, but the hard light layer did so much to make the colours much more vibrant than I could have hoped for and I was really happy with the result on the background. The overall piece is quite messy as I didn’t intend on getting as into it as I did, so I started out the greyscale piece much messier than I should have. When I added in my character in the foreground, his crazy silhouette really screwed up the composition of my background and made it look a bit crap. Another reason why I kind of want to re-do my piece. I potentially could do it between now and when my Sculpey arrives for my model, alongside my gladiator project which is now in the texturing phase. Ah, so much to do!

I hate Mondays…

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