More Character Designs and More Fun!

Really loving my projects at the moment, particularly our new Visual Design one; design a character… deja-vu, right? This time, our starting word was ‘reef’, and we were allowed to take this where we wanted. We’ve had this project since Monday so only have a few days left. I’m really happy with where I’m at at the moment, and can definitely see my progression from our last character project. I still need to go and finish my last character’s 3rd iteration, but I’m making a list of things I need to do and re-do over the weeks leading up to Summer so that’ll fit in there somewhere for sure.


I’m really pleased with both the design idea of this piece and the way I executed it. I have another day tomorrow to hopefully get a drawing done in-situ too… I’d really like to but I actually have no idea what environment I’d but him in. I chose to do a male character because I always find myself gravitating towards doing female characters, but actually I found this way more fun. I also wanted to create a lot more patterns and textures to look at, as it’s much more a style I’d like to pursue and lordy was it fun. I also think the use of many different fabrics and shapes draws away from the obviousness of ‘reef’ just enough as to not make it super cliche, though I still feel it is present in the colours, forms and some of the textures/patterns I used.

My main nit-pick with this piece is I’ve relied far too much on the linework to do a lot of the hard work for me, something I’d like to go back to and work on addressing fully with this piece and others in the future; I need to work on using tone, not line, to get definition. On the other hand however, I do like the style of this piece and could also like to try more pieces with this kind of style. I’m feeling more and more like I may have at least some creative talent that goes beyond just copying what I see.

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One thought on “More Character Designs and More Fun!

  1. […] blog shortly, and I’ve been working on another character piece. You may or may not recall the reef character project I had. I wasn’t overjoyed with the work I produced and I feel like I have improved […]


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